The Walls Of Walt Disney World – Their Names, Locations, And Why They Are So Popular

All around Walt Disney World, there are numerous photo opportunities and beautiful shots to take, but a lot of people on social media are making sure to take pictures with walls. That’s right, people love to find unique walls around the Disney Parks and take pictures in front of them for some bragging rights on social media.

For a number of years now, there have been people posting pictures on Instagram and Facebook of themselves in front of this wall and that wall, but why? Well, despite the fact that guests can take pictures in front of attractions and beautiful sights and with Disney characters, they have chosen to get one of the “Disney Walls.”

More than anything, these walls are simply popular with those on social media and especially Instagram. There are even accounts set up specifically for them and people just love to find them and get their pictures taken in front of them, and the Disney Parks Blog recently reported on how popular they have truly become.

After finding out about these unique wall photo opportunities, you’ll want to head straight to them on your next trip to Walt Disney World. The only thing is that you need to know where they are and exactly how to get in front of them.

The Purple Wall

This is one of the walls that started the whole craze and it has been there for a long time, but many never realized it.

  • Park: Magic Kingdom
  • Location: Tomorrowland
  • Hashtag: #PurpleWall

Simply head into Tomorrowland from Main Street U.S.A. and you’ll possibly walk right past the Purple Wall. Look over to your right once you cross the bridge and you’ll see this wall stretching toward the Tomorrowland Terrace.

Bubblegum Wall

  • Park: Epcot
  • Location: Spaceship Earth
  • Hashtag: #BubbleGumWall

This one isn’t so obvious, but you can still find it with relative ease. It is located at both exits of Spaceship Earth.

Moss Wall

This one is also rather obvious and can be found by taking a journey right into the middle of Pandora and locating it right in front of the Satu’li Canteen.

Animal Kingdom actually has a number of other walls that guests like to take pictures in front of and a couple of them are over in the Harambe Marketplace. One reads “You Are Most Beautiful” and another has the one and only Mickey Mouse painted on it.

Toothpaste Wall

  • Park: Epcot
  • Location: The Seas with Nemo and Friends
  • Hashtag: #ToothPasteWall

Here is yet another unique wall positioned at the exit of an Epcot attraction in Future World. All you have to do is look for the Toothpaste Wall after exiting The Seas pavilion which houses Nemo, Dory, and the rest of their undersea friends.

There are so many things to do at Walt Disney World with the rides and shows and attractions and characters, it’s hard to think there is honestly anything else to capture. Still, the power of social media will always find something new and trendy, and that is how the “Disney Walls” were born. The next time you’re heading into the parks, see if you can locate one of these famous walls or perhaps try to come up with a new one of your own.

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