First Applications For Club 33 At Walt Disney World Sent Out, Details On Pricing Revealed

It was first revealed last year that Walt Disney World would be getting its own version of the exclusive Disneyland club known as Club 33, but now, it is finally happening. Disney had confirmed that there would be multiple locations coming to the Disney Parks in Orlando, but no real solid information had ever been officially announced. Now, the first applications for Club 33 are being sent out to a select few, and the pricing details are finally locked in place.

There is no secret that the Club 33 in Disneyland is one that is overly exclusive with a very long wait list and a pricey membership fee. With it being on the West Coast, it seems as if Disney wanted to have a similar offering for those who frequent the parks in Central Florida, but it may not be so easy to get into one.

According to WDW Magic, the residents who live in Golden Oak, the subdivision on Walt Disney World property, have started receiving membership applications to join. If they choose to join, they will be some of the very first members in the East Coast version of Club 33, but it is most certainly going to cost them.

Well, it will cost anyone else wanting to join, for that matter.

If you end up being fortunate enough to get a chance to apply for membership to any of the Club 33 locations in Walt Disney World, it will cost you approximately $25,000. That number has not been officially locked down, but that is said to be the cost simply to join.

From that point, annual dues are said to be around $15,000 for each member.

All that has been officially confirmed by the company is that Club 33 is coming to Walt Disney World at some point in the near future. There will be four locations, with one in each of the theme parks, but those locations are merely rumored and speculative at this point.

  • Magic Kingdom – Adventureland Veranda
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios – The former Catwalk Bar
  • Epcot – Second-floor lounge in the American Adventure
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Secondary back room inside Tiffins

This may seem extraordinarily pricey, but it also isn’t unexpected considering what is being offered. Memberships to Club 33 are one of the most sought-after things in the Disney community, and many will stay on the waiting list for years to get in. Now, with a number of new locations coming to Walt Disney World, there will be more opportunities for guests to get into Club 33, and you can guarantee that many will jump at the chance.

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