The Club 33 Location At Magic Kingdom May Be Hinted At With New Expansion Work [Photos]

Earlier this year, Disney officially announced that Walt Disney World would end up getting its own version of Disneyland’s exclusive and popular Club 33. Not only was WDW going to get one of their own, but they would receive multiple locations with each of the four theme parks having one. As time has passed, there has not been a lot of information released about the highly anticipated clubs, but some construction and work may point to Magic Kingdom’s location.

It was back in April that news first broke of Walt Disney World getting their own version(s) of Club 33 sometime in the future. In early June, Disney began sending out emails to those who were interested which said they’d let them know when more information was available.

“Thank you for your interest in Club 33 coming soon to the Walt Disney World Resort. We’re busy finalizing plans on this exciting new opportunity, and look forward to sharing more information later this year.”

There have been some rumors as to where the clubs could be located in each of the four parks, but nothing has been confirmed. Still, some new construction walls have gone up at Magic Kingdom in the last week and it has led to a lot of speculation.

[Image by Danny Cox]

These walls are up around the seating area that was right outside of the Sunshine Tree Terrace and at the Adventureland bridge. It stretches clear across the bridge to the Main Street U.S.A. side and blocks off the smoking area near the Liberty Square bridge as well.

[Image by Danny Cox]

From the Liberty Square Bridge, guests can see that the water is dammed up with an inflatable dam. This allows for construction workers to go underneath the extended seating area and do any work that needs to be done.

[Image by Danny Cox]

Looking closer, the seating area is still open and the previously shuttered area on the right has now been opened up. That leads a bit away from the rumors that a Moana meet-and-greet is going into that location as that much room wouldn’t necessarily be needed.

According to Blog Mickey, the speculation is that another portion of the old Adventureland Veranda could be Magic Kingdom’s location for Club 33. Jungle Skipper Canteen has taken over the majority of the building, but there is still plenty of room on the Main Street side of it.

Club 33 is one of the most anticipated additions to Walt Disney World even though there are so many projects being worked on. With locations going into all four parks, there will be a lot more membership slots than are available in Disneyland, but they’ll still go very quickly. Now, fans must simply wait for more information and exact details, but the construction happening in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom may lead to something.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]

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