Jessa Duggar Slammed For Parenting Fail As Baby Boys Destroy Husband Ben Seewald’s Phone On Instagram

Jessa Duggar has been able to deftly avoid media scandals that other members of the Duggar family are mangled in, but that does not mean that her life is drama free. The star of Counting On has made herself stand out from other Duggar women by frankly chronicling the trials and tribulations of motherhood. Using Instagram, the 25-year-old Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, have been confessing how her baby boys continue to wreak forgivable havoc in their lives.

With Jinger Duggar getting pregnant, Joy-Anna Duggar nearing her due date and Jill Duggar getting kicked off Counting On, Jessa Duggar has not been able to take the spotlight. After having her second son, Henry Seewald, there has not been too many updates in her life, other than watching her baby boys grow up. Her Instagram feed is filled with videos and pictures of Spurgeon and Henry interacting with each other and how they make her and her husband laugh.

But it looks like the active and curious boys are taking their explorations to the next level of chaos. They have moved on from playing with their Fisher Price toys to seeking out Ben Seewald’s smartphone. Many babies are attracted to the flashing, sound-making devices and it looks like Henry and Spurgeon were no different.

Getting the phone replaced was a costly endeavor, but the fans of Counting On reminded Jessa that the incident could have been costlier due to her lack of supervision.

“Scary that he was in the bathroom playing in the toilet without supervision,” one fan marked. “Takes 10 seconds to drown in a toilet unattended… Please watch Henry closer.”

On the other hand, other fans chimed in to say that similar things happened with their babies and phones.

“Ah yes toddlers and phones,” a fan commented. “My middle boy bit my phone and sent a crack down it and only half the screen worked when he was nearly 2.”

Recently, her baby Henry turned 11 months old and Jessa posted a photo album on the Seewald family blog for all her fans to see.

She also posted a video of her youngest walking with just a few weeks to go until his first birthday.

There have been some rumors of Jessa looking pregnant, but that has not been confirmed by the Duggar family.