WWE News: Here Is What Brock Lesnar Said To Braun Strowman During Their Shoot Exchange At The 'Royal Rumble'

At the Royal Rumble, Brock Lesnar retained his WWE Universal Championship over Braun Strowman and Kane in a brutal fight, but things turned a little too real. The match included chairs, tables, and bodies strewn all over the place, but early on, there was a lesson to be learned. Strowman delivered a knee to Lesnar and it not only brought about retaliation from the champion, but he had something to say to the big man.

The match ended with Strowman on the outside and Brock Lesnar delivering a vicious F-5 to Kane on a steel chair. He pinned the "Big Red Machine" to retain his championship and leave with the title, but things turned rather chippy before that outcome.

Now, Lesnar is quite the beast and has a past career in UFC and a long history in WWE, but everyone is capable of being hurt. That is especially true when in the ring with superstars the size of Strowman and Kane.

Early in the match, all three men were in the ring when Lesnar went after Strowman, and the giant delivered a hard knee to the face of the champion. It connected hard and it was obvious that Lesnar rocked by the shot.

Not only was Lesnar not pleased with the stiff shot, but he took it upon himself to retaliate against Strowman by delivering a couple of stiff punches. There is one punch that landed squarely on the side of Strowman's face and it was even repeatedly replayed by WWE.After Lesnar landed the punch, the replay kept being played over and over again while the announcers picked it apart. Usually, WWE will cut away from direct shots or speed them up to show that not all punches land, but they slowed this one down and made sure the world saw it.

Those watching the Royal Rumble knew what was going on and Cageside Seats even pointed out a tweet by Bully Ray that called the hit a "R.E.C.E.I.P.T." There were some people who noticed that Lesnar said something to Strowman after the knee and the overly hard punch in return.

At the end of the match, Lesnar was still the WWE Universal Champion after pinning Kane and all seemed to go as planned. Strowman is heading to the Elimination Chamber for a chance at facing the champ at WrestleMania 34, but he may want to be cautious when stepping into the ring with Lesnar again.

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Brock Lesnar delivered a pretty serious message to Kane and Braun Strowman with his victory at the Royal Rumble on Sunday night, but he had much more to say. After the knee to the face, Lesnar knew that he needed to do and say something to Strowman to get the big man to slow down. It was probably a lesson well learned and one that will be replayed in WWE history forever.