Melania Trump Travels To Capitol In Separate Limo From Donald Trump — But They May Share Ride Back

Alex WongGetty Images

First Lady Melania Trump appears to be keeping her distance from President Donald Trump, even on the big night of his first State of the Union address on Tuesday, January 30. As reported by CNN, Melania broke from tradition when she left the White House en route to the State of the Union in separate motorcades from President Trump.

Earlier in the afternoon, Melania tweeted that she would be accompanied by honorable Americans who have served those in need. Mrs. Trump decided to ride with her invited guests who will be sharing Melania’s box designated for first ladies, instead of traveling with Mr. Trump, to Trump’s State of the Union address, as other first ladies have done. Although the distance from the White House to the Capitol building doesn’t take long, much is being made about the separate travel plans of Mr. and Mrs. Trump.

Melania arrived via her motorcade from the White House prior to President Trump’s arrival. The couple have not been photographed in public with one another since January 15. Since that day, President Trump was photographed at various times during his overseas travel and return home, as well as during speeches. Mrs. Trump’s spokesperson explained the separate travel plan by saying that Melania was honoring her guests in holding a reception in the White House for them, including their family members and friends.

Melania and Second Lady Karen Pence will then have another reception upon arrival at the Capitol. Melania invited 15 guests to sit near her during the speech.


Sarah Sanders stated that the only reason Melania and President Trump traveled separately was to give Melania the opportunity to greet her guests personally while President Trump could come straight in when he arrived at the Capitol, reports CNN.

Previous White House couples took the same limos together from the White House to their respective State of the Union addresses, such as when former President Barack Obama took the same vehicle with former First Lady Michelle Obama. Former President George W. Bush also traveled with former First Lady Laura Bush for Bush’s address.

In spite of the separate arrivals for the Trumps, Melania and President Trump could very well return to the White House in the same limo after the first State of the Union address for President Trump is done.

On Twitter, folks are speculating all sorts of scenarios and offering the first lady many different kinds of advice in the wake of the news that Melania arrived separately to the Capitol from her husband.