’90 Day Fiance’ Star David Toborowsky’s Son Shot In Face, Recovering From Wound

Fans of the show 90 Day Fiance are sending out prayers to David Toborowsky after word came out that his son was accidentally shot in the face. David and Annie were on this last season of the show. Starcasm shared the details about what happened to David’s son.

On Sunday, David’s son Jacob Toborowsky was accidentally shot in the face by a friend and is lucky to be alive. At this time, he is recovering from this injury. He was with a friend when it happened. Jacob was seen on the show meeting up with his dad and Annie.

Jacob’s sister Ashley shared the details with WDRB saying that his friend was waving the gun around and Jacob told him to make sure that the safety was on. He also told him to make sure that there were not any bullets in the gun. Jacob was taken to the hospital on Sunday but was able to go home on Monday.

Ashley revealed that there is a lot of swelling on his face and that eventually, he will end up having surgery to get out the bullet fragments. He does have a long recovery ahead of him, but Jacob is very lucky to even still be alive. Ashley is very upset about what happened to her little brother. Jacob’s mom was headed to Texas where she was moving when she got the call, but she was able to rush back and be by her son’s side.

Right now, Jacob is with his dad and sisters, but his mom is going to take him to Texas with her to recover. David has been there for his son it sounds like, which is great news. David and Ashley made it clear on 90 Day Fiance that they don’t have the best relationship. So far, David hasn’t made any kind of statement about what happened to his son. Fans would love to hear from him but know he is focusing on his son’s recovery right now.

The fans are shocked by what happened to Jacob Toborowsky but are sending out prayers to the family. Hopefully, his injury can teach a few people about gun safety. Don’t miss new episodes of 90 Day Fiance when it returns to TLC. This show was just renewed.