Bruce McArthur Home Searched: Young Man Found Tied Up Inside Suspected Serial Killer’s Apartment

Bruce McArthur has been charged with the murders of five men in Toronto, but Toronto police believe that more victims will be found. Over the years, many men have gone missing from Toronto’s LGBTQ neighborhood and police are starting to put together the pieces. Some of his victims go back to 2010 so they suspect that they may be dealing with a serial killer, who has been hiding his victims on properties around Toronto for over eight years. But it sounds like one man was lucky. When police decided to search one of the properties linked to McArthur, they found a man inside.

According to a CTV News report, the man inside Bruce McArthur‘s apartment was tied up. Police supposedly found him the day they busted into the apartment and arrested him. The young man was lucky, as police had already placed surveillance on McArthur. On January 18, police saw a man go into the apartment building. It’s not certain whether the young man went in with McArthur, but police decided to intervene as they were concerned for his well-being. The man was freed from his bonds and was not injured. Some sources say he could have been tied up as part of a sexual act. The man is currently unidentified and it is possible that police won’t name as he could be seeking help in private.

Learning that a man had been bound inside of Bruce McArthur’s apartment may not bring much comfort to the families of the victims already identified by Toronto police. Knowing that some of the victims may have been inside the apartment, bound and possibly kept against their will before being killed and dismembered may not bring any peace to the fact that McArthur has been arrested and charged.

At the moment, Bruce McArthur has been charged in connection with the deaths of Selim Esen, 44, Andrew Kinsman, 49, Majeed Kayhan, 58, Soroush Mahmudi, 50, and Dean Lisowick, 47. He had previously been charged with Esen and Kinsman’s disappearances and deaths, but after searching his properties, police charged him with three additional charges. They expect more charges to be brought against him, as they are currently searching over 30 properties around Toronto. Since he worked as a landscaper, McArthur was able to hide his victims in flower planters.

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