Amy Duggar Tweets About Adopting The Turpin Children

Amy Duggar is the cousin of the famous Counting On family. Her mother is the sister of the patriarch, Jim Bob Duggar. Amy has been seen on the show numerous times, but in recent years, she has been more focused on her husband and life outside of the Duggar clan. Rumors have swirled that she isn’t welcome because of her rebellious ways, but they have never been confirmed.

Recent news of the 13 children who were found in a home with their parents in dire condition has been weighing heavily on the minds of many Americans. The Turpin children have become a phenomenon, but not for anything positive. They were treated horribly and were only saved because of one sibling’s willingness and determination to get help for her family. Apparently, the story struck a chord with Amy Duggar as well. According to Us Weekly, Amy Duggar tweeted that she wanted to adopt all of the children and show them way real love is. Of course, that is unlikely as many family members have expressed interest in adopting the children.

Abuse at the hands of a parent is something Amy Duggar can understand. She has revealed that her father wasn’t very nice to her while she was growing up. He reportedly tried to run her over with a car. Duggar talked about the situation when she filmed Marriage Boot Camp with her husband, Dillon King. In fact, due to one of the promos for the show, fans believed he may have been her abuser. As it turns out, King was not who Amy was afraid of like everyone initially believed. Duggar feels for the Turpin children, especially because she can relate on a small level.

While Amy Duggar will likely not pursue the adoption process, there are some fans who find it ironic. The Turpin family is said to be of the same faith as the Duggar clan. If she is so concerned about those children, why hasn’t she done more for her cousins? Amy has not been vocal on what happens inside the lives of her cousins, but one day, there is hope she will. Right now, Duggar is enjoying life with her husband and wishing she could help the Turpin children.