Pittsburgh Car Wash Shooting: Events Leading To Murder May Have Started Earlier That Night

The Pittsburgh car wash shooting is still a mystery, but it sounds like authorities in Melcroft, Pennsylvania are starting to get some leads that could explain why Timothy O’Brien Smith shot several people before turning the gun on himself. The shooting left 27-year-old William Scott Porterfield, 25-year-old Chelsie Lou Cline, 23-year-old Courtney Sue Snyder, and 21-year-old Seth William Cline dead. Authorities believe that Smith killed them, as he was supposedly waiting near the car wash in a ballistic vest with an AR-15 by his side.

According to a new CBS News report, the events that led the murder of four people might have started hours before at a popular establishment in the area. Authorities believe that the victim went to the car wash deliberately because they needed to meet someone. The four victims and one survivor were seen at the establishment just before they were shot at the car wash. The establishment in question is Tall Cedars. Management has revealed that there was nothing noticeably wrong with the group and noticed no arguments or fighting within the group. At present, authorities are skimming through the surveillance tapes from that evening to see if they can spot something that could explain why this shooting happened.

The suspect in question, Timothy O’Brien Smith, is currently the focus, as investigators are looking through his phone. It’s possible that text messages from that night could explain why these four individuals ended up at the car wash, where Smith was supposedly waiting for them. According to CBS News, there are heavy indicators that Smith might have ambushed the four victims. He was an ex-boyfriend of Chelsie, and the rejection could have resulted in him going to the extreme measures of killing her and anyone with her. As it turns out, Chelsie might have known that he was trying to get in touch with her, as he would supposedly leave things on the hood of her car. Chelsie’s sister reveals that he truly loved her and cared for her, and would even bring her flowers.

Smith is currently on life support, but he isn’t expected to survive. Investigators may hope that he regains consciousness so they can get the answers they need.

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