It Sounds As If Trump’s Pro-Golfer Threw Him Under A Golf Cart — That Is Until ‘Fake News’ Rescue Emerges

One of Donald Trump’s golf partners is pro-golfer Suzann Pettersen, who is a 15-time winner on the LPGA Tour. The two have enjoyed a friendship for about 10 years but after a Norwegian newspaper allegedly quoted Pettersen as saying some disparaging things about Donald Trump, folks online are wondering if that friendship will survive.

The newspaper published their report with alleged quotes from Pettersen after she did an interview with them. It sounded as if Trump’s pro-golfer friend had thrown him under the bus, or in this case — the golf cart.

The Verdens Gang newspaper shared several alleged quotes from Suzann Pettersen that were supposedly said during that interview and some of them were not words you’d expect a friend to say. “I don’t know anyone who loves himself more than he does,” they quote Pettersen by her nickname, “Tutta,” as saying.

What got the wheels spinning online was what the paper printed about Pettersen allegedly linking Trump to cheating both on and off the golf course. They allegedly quote her as saying the following.

“He cheats like hell. I don’t quite know how he is in business. They say that if you cheat at golf, you cheat at business. I’m pretty sure he pays his caddie well, since no matter how far into the woods he hits the ball, it’s in the middle of the fairway when we get there.”

This interview allegedly quotes Suzann Pettersen insulting Trump’s game and his ability to play a good game of golf. The paper has her allegedly dissing Trump’s golf score, which he reports as always excellent. The report goes on to say that Trump having a good golf game is not something that Pettersen has witnessed herself.

This interview was published over the weekend and it gained steam fairly quickly, but on Tuesday morning Pettersen tweeted her on thoughts on what the paper had published, according to USA Today. She seemingly borrowed the “fake news” term from Trump to do so. She said the following in her tweet.

“Sometimes you do interviews and media will twist whatever word/ saying to make a headline! It’s shocking to see… this is what I would call #fakenews Why would I call someone a cheat…. never!”

The newspaper also said that Petersen likes Trump, but she doesn’t agree with his ideas and policies. When the interview was first published on Saturday, it spread online with both pro-Trump and anti-Trump camp members having something to say about the alleged quotes coming from Pettersen about the President. This report opened the floodgates for Trump critics who took the opportunity to hop online and run with the “cheating” theme as seen below.

Despite Pettersen declaring she did not say that Trump cheats, the words are out there and the story is continuing to gain momentum. The Independent article on the topic has their readers commenting on the theme of Trump allegedly cheating on and off the golf course. A few samples are listed below.

“The problem is not with his cheating at golf, or the boasting he does of his ‘great skill’. It is, after all, just a game and to my understanding, there is no money on the line. The problem is he has no honor, humility or consideration of others. On or off the golf course.”

“This is not the first story I have read about him constantly cheating at golf. If golf was just a way for Trump to spend some fun time with others, Why would he brag about his scores?”