Quad Webb-Lunceford On How Simone Whitmore’s Divorce Announcement Has Affected Her Own Marriage To Greg

It seems that viewers will see the very moment when the cast of Married to Medicine learned that Cecil and Dr. Simone Whitmore are divorcing. During her appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live on Monday night, Simone’s co-star Quad Webb-Lunceford revealed that she and most of the other women didn’t know about the end of Cecil and Simone’s marriage until they were filming the Season 5 reunion show last Thursday. During the talk show, Quad also talked about how the other marriages are doing, including her own. Quad actually admitted that Simone’s divorce announcement has made her re-evaluate her own marriage to Gregg Lunceford and hinted that big changes are to come with it.

When Andy said that it seems that everyone’s marriages are going through tough times, Quad admitted that she and her co-stars have struggled with their marriages. She also admitted that watching a clip of her and her husband arguing almost made her leave the set.

“Yeah it’s been a very challenging time for the ladies of Married to Medicine and the marriages are really just, they’re suffering, to say the least. It was very hard for me to just watch that clip, you know it almost took me out of here.”

Andy then showed a photo of each couple and asked Quad to give her assessment on the marriages. For Dr. Jackie Walters and Curtis, Quad was optimistic. Quad pointed out that Curtis has shown remorse for cheating on Jackie.

“I think Curtis is remorseful and so that’s a step.”

For Simone and Cecil, Andy pointed out that they just announced they were divorcing after 21 years of marriage. He asked Quad if she was shocked when she heard the news.

“My mouth was on the floor.”

When Andy chimed in that Quad, along with most of the other cast members, didn’t know about the divorce until they filmed reunion show last Thursday, Quad confirmed that the revelation was shocking and jaw-dropping.

“I found out at the reunion. Yes, yes, yes. It was shocking and jaw-dropping.”

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after the Season 5 reunion show filmed, Cecil posted some tweets that expressed that the reunion show was filled with shock and tears.

As for Toya Bush-Harris and Eugene, Quad gave her opinion that Toya needs to ask for Eugene’s permission before publicly talking about their lack of a sex life on Married to Medicine.

“Well Toya needs to check in with Eugene first to see if it’s cool.”

When it came to Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Damon, Andy asked Quad if Heavenly has anything to worry about in her marriage. With a smile, Quad seemed to imply that there may be issues in Heavenly’s marriage, but she isn’t talking.

“Well she says she doesn’t.”

For newcomer Dr. Contessa Metcalfe and Scott, Quad gave her opinion on whether Contessa should sacrifice her career to stay at home for the family more.

“Well, you know, she went through a lot to get that job. It’s not easy to do but if she’s ready to put it on the table, then it shall be.”

Lastly, for Mariah Huq and Aydin, Quad, after being reminded by Andy that Mariah said that Aydin has no problem having sex even after a long day of work, said that they seem to have a healthy sex life.

“Oh well then that seems to be a healthy sex life then!”

At another point during the talk show, Quad Webb-Lunceford was asked if Dr. Simone Whitmore’s divorce has made her re-evaluate her own marriage. This season on Married to Medicine, viewers have watched Quad and Greg in some very heated arguments, with Quad telling Greg that she doesn’t feel loved and appreciated and Greg feeling as if Quad isn’t appreciative of what she has. Quad admitted on Watch What Happens Live that the divorce news has made her take a look at some things that have been going on in her own marriage. Is a divorce on the cards for Quad and Greg? Quad would only say that some hard decisions will have to made.