Alligator Found Guarding Marijuana By US Authorities

Castro Valley, CA – Authorities claim that a man may have been using an alligator to guard his stash of marijuana. Both the suspect and his reptilian security system were apprehended by police.

While the man was carted off to jail on drug charges, the alligator was taken to a nearby zoo. According to The Associated Press, the animal was very sick and in desperate need of medical attention. It is currently under the care of veterinarians.

Officers paid a visit to the residence of Assif Mayr on Wednesday for a probation check. Much to their surprise, the suspect had 15 kilograms of marijuana stashed at his home. In order to keep people from stealing it, the man had employed an alligator as a security measure.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the man purchased the alligator in 1996 as a way to “commemorate the death of rapper Tupac Shakur.” Dubbed Mr. Teeth, Mayr reportedly kept the five foot creature inside a Plexiglas tank in his bedroom. The man said Mr. Teeth was there to keep people from making off with his weed.

Sadly, the alligator’s living conditions contributed to its poor health. Oakland Zoo spokesperson Nicky Mora said the reptile was very sick when it arrived at the zoo. Mr. Teeth is receiving medical treatment while he stays in quarantine for the next 30 days.

“So we will probably treat him and keep him in a quarantine area and then figure out from there where he will be located,” Mora explained.

As odd as this may sound, this isn’t the first time someone with a marijuana stash had an alligator living in his home. According to The News Herald, 28-year-old Paul D. Coombs allegedly kept pit bulls and an alligator in his Michigan residence. While the dogs were taken away, the alligator was euthanized.

What do you think about the man who used an alligator to guard his marijuana stash?

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