‘Alaskan Bush People’: Rain Brown Shares Photo Of Ami Brown ‘Looking Well’ In Lung Cancer Remission

Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown took to social media this week to share the first public photo of mom Ami Brown since news surfaced that she’s officially free of cancer. Fans first heard the news that Ami Brown had beat a grim late-stage lung cancer diagnosis back in December during the ABP 2017 Christmas special. Rain’s photo of mom Ami is the first sighting of the 54-year-old Brown family matriarch after she appeared last on the small screen over a month ago.

Loyal viewers of Alaskan Bush People have continuously been asking for health updates on Ami Brown after learning of her stage 3 lung cancer diagnosis during Season 7. Ami Brown has been battling the disease for a year and successfully won her battle, according to People Magazine nearly two weeks ago during an exclusive interview. The interview didn’t feature a current photo of Ami Brown since undergoing aggressive cancer treatment that was said to have left her looking “just a few pounds” from death.

As rumors continue to surface about the upcoming Season 8 of Alaskan Bush People, rumors have also surfaced that the Brown family is currently “on the move” out of California, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. Billy and Ami Brown’s youngest daughter, Rain, 15, has been sharing travel photos on her Instagram account for the last few days. Followers of Rain Brown have also been asking how mom Ami is doing since her cancer-free update. Without directly answering questions about her mom, Rain instead shared a photo of seven out of nine members of the Brown family.

Ami Brown is standing with the rest of her family in a photo that Rain shared on Monday. The photo shows Billy and Ami Brown with five of their children, including Rain, Bear, Snowbird, Matt, and Gabe. While giving fans an idea of who might be filming for Season 8, the photo also finally gives fans an idea of how Ami Brown is doing while in complete remission and still recovering from her lung cancer. Ami, who was said to be looking frail from radiation and ongoing chemotherapy treatment, is standing tall in the photo, smiling, and wearing a hat.

Comments from Alaskan Bush People fans say that it’s a “good picture” of the family and that it looks like “your mom is feeling better.” Fans also say that they are “glad to see” Ami Brown, following the good news that she had “beat” cancer.

“What a beautiful pic of your family! And your mom looks so good!”

“Your mom seems to be doing great, that’s awesome.”

“So good to see your mom looking well!!!”

Fans also said they can’t wait to see the Brown family back on TV, while other fans ask why Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown and Noah Brown didn’t appear in the photo. Bam and Noah are said to be living away from the rest of the Brown family in different states and are also rumored to not want to film the next new season of Alaskan Bush People. The seven Brown family members in the photo are also the only members who filmed the Christmas special episode that aired on the Discovery Channel on December 15, 2017.

“Missing Bam and Noah.”

Rain Brown captioned the Instagram photo of the Brown family at the Armstrong Flight Research Center, a NASA research center in southern California, with a “huge thanks” to the “@nasaarmstrong team” for clearing the building inside the Edwards Air Force Base and giving them a private tour, complete with gift bags.

A Facebook fan page for Alaskan Bush People called @MattBrownAlaskanBush shared another photo of Ami Brown while she was “out and about” with the rest of the Brown family as they toured the NASA Flight Research Center last Thursday.

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