‘Alaskan Bush People’ Family Member Hints On Being On The Move Now That Ami Brown Is Cancer-Free

After a year-long battle with advanced lung cancer, Alaskan Bush People matriarch Ami Brown has been miraculously healed and declared cancer-free. Now that their darkest hour is over, the Brown family can finally take a breather and focus on a new chapter in their lives. Billy and Ami’s fourth son, Gabe Brown, has recently hinted on social media that the family is on the move to their new home.

On Friday, Gabe stated on his Instagram account that he will be missing a lot of things about Los Angeles, their home for almost a year. When Ami was diagnosed with stage 3b lung cancer early last year, Billy Brown uprooted the whole family out of the Alaskan wilderness. They shut down Browntown and moved to LA where Ami was seeking treatment at UCLA Medical Center. These events have been featured in the last season of Alaskan Bush People.

Ami Brown underwent radiation and several rounds of chemotherapy. In December, just a few days before Christmas, she was declared cancer-free by her oncologists. Billy and Ami Brown shared the good news in an interview with People Magazine. Although the couple didn’t reveal their plans for the future, Gabe’s IG post hints that the family is now preparing to leave LA for good.

“Some of the things I will miss about LA,” Gabe Brown wrote.

“Occasionally seeing movie stars, sun tanning, [and] we have made some really good friends.”

Gabe’s post was met with lots of greetings from fans who are closely following Ami’s cancer battle. Many commented on his post and asked where the family is headed after LA. However, the Alaskan Bush People son didn’t elaborate on their next destination. Instead, Gabe replied to a fan’s comment and stated that the family will “try to find” a new home.

“After this we’ll try to find somewhere like home.”

It is unclear where this new “home” will be. Are the Browns going back to the lower 48, or are they relocating somewhere else?

In the last season of Alaskan Bush People, Billy Brown announced his plans to settle on a 40-acre ranch in Colorado after Ami’s treatment. There are talks that the reality show might be airing a new season that will focus on the Browns creating a whole new Browntown in the Centennial State.

However, some of Billy and Ami’s children may not be joining the family’s big migration. Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown, 33, has quit the show to focus on his private life. Quite recently, he gave fans an update regarding his newest project. He and his girlfriend Allison Kagan are busy renovating Fathom This, an old “luxury yacht” they recently purchased.

Noah Brown, Billy and Ami’s youngest son, has also announced that he wants to stay behind to be a local sheriff. Noah, 24, has also just confirmed his engagement to girlfriend Rhain Alisha.

In his recent People interview, Billy Brown stated that he and his family can now go on with their normal lives. Now that Ami’s health crisis is over, they’ve proven yet again that they can overcome whatever challenge life throws at them just as they’ve shown in past episodes of their long-running reality-docu series.

“We just want to stay together another day and go back to our lives,” the Alaskan Bush People patriarch said.

“That’s the only worry we have now: that [Ami’s cancer] is still in there somewhere and it will come back. But the Good Lord’s got it. Between Him and the support of the people around us and the people on the street who see us at a red light and just give us a thumbs up or say they’re praying for us, we can get through anything.”

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