Jamie Dornan On 'Fifty Shades' Trilogy: 'Part Of Me Still Can't Believe I Did Those Films'

Perry Carpenter

Jamie Dornan has become quite the sex symbol after starring as Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades franchise. Although the actor is gearing up for the third and final film in the erotic trilogy, he still can't believe he agreed to star in the films in the first place.

"Our oldest starts school in September, so I will be able to give you a far better answer then. But even at nursery school, I'm aware of the giggly aspect of it and I think I giggle too," Dornan explained. "I also find it funny. A part of me still can't really believe I did those films. There's an element in me that's going, 'why did they make movies out of those books?'"

The part often leads to embarrassing questions for Dornan, who would probably like to chat about things that don't involve simulating sex with his co-star Dakota Johnson. But with Fifty Shades Freed set to open in theaters next months, Dornan has a lot of awkward interviews ahead of him.

Dornan explained how he and the gentleman were peeing next to each other when the guy recognized him from the movies. The man asked for a quick selfie and Dornan tried to convince him to wait until they were out of the bathroom. The man said his wife would like it more if they snapped the pic in the bathroom, which they did. The selfie later surfaced on Twitter, proving that Dornan wasn't joking about the toilet pic.

Although fans will be sad to see the end of the trilogy, Dornan and Johnson have benefited greatly from their roles in the franchise. Jamie Dornan is getting ready to star in the new Robin Hood movie while Dakota Johnson has several projects lined up this year, including Suspiria, with Chloe Grace Moretz and Tilda Swinton.

Fifty Shades Freed opens in theaters everywhere on February 8.