New ‘PUBG’ Xbox One Patch Makes Vehicles More Vulnerable, PC Testing Miramar Changes

PUBG Corp delivered a pair of updates to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on the Xbox One and to the PUBG test server on PC. Console players can look forward to vehicles being easier to stop plus various bug fixes. Meanwhile, the Miramar map will have some improvements waiting in the wings.

Xbox One Game Preview update number 7 was released early Tuesday morning and weighs in at approximately 3.48 GB. The major change to gameplay is in response to PUBG players on console favoring vehicles a little too much. They are now more vulnerable to gunfire and grenades while also causing more damage to driver and passengers during a crash. On the flip side, players struck by a vehicle will receive slightly less damage.

PUBG console players should also be happy to hear the developers have introduced new optimizations to reduce controller input lag. For those that don’t know, this is the time it takes between an action performed on a controller being reflected in-game. This makes the difference between a game feeling responsive or causing frustration.

Scopes received a touchup on the Xbox One too. The Red Dot, Holographic, and 2x sight all received visual touch-ups on the Xbox One. Meanwhile, the scope sensitivity of the VSS rifle now uses the sensitivity setting for the 4x Scope, potentially making it even more deadly.

Other notable bug fixes include correcting an inventory issue that highlighted the wrong column when looting and disabling auto-run when aiming down sights.

PC Test Server

The PUBG test server also received an update Tuesday to test new additions to the Miramar map plus further testing of PUBG Corp’s new anti-cheat solution. The studio is attempting to hash out any stability and compatibility issues with the anti-cheat solution and asks those who play on the test server to take a screenshot of any crashes or errors and report them on the official forum.

The Miramar map changes include more buildings scattered across the map to provide players more cover. The desert-themed PUBG map has many open spaces that can make crossing difficult. This along with more off-road routes for vehicles should make moving around the map a little easier. Additionally, the loot balance for unnamed areas of the map has been tweaked to provide better loot.

PUBG test server players will also find various bug fixes like not being able to use heal and boost items underwater anymore. Additionally, a mixture of Miramar maps bugs has also been squashed.