Snooki And Newt Gingrich Are Apparently Making Jionni LaValle Jealous

Snooki and Newt Gingrich might be an odd pairing, but the Jersey Shore star’s fiance seems to be getting jealous that the Republican presidential candidate may be moving in on his woman.

The beef between Snooki’s fiance Jionni LaValle and Newt Gingrich emerged on Tuesday night’s episode of Snooki Jwoww on MTV. As the Washington Examiner recaps, it went down when Snooki showed off a stuffed elephant that her GOP friend sent as a gift to her newborn son.

“Newt gave this to me,” Snooki said holding up the toy. “Newt. That political guy. I met Newt Gingrich in LA., and he got Lorenzo an elephant,” she continued.

Jionni LaValle didn’t seem too impressed to be hearing about Snooki and Newt Gingrich’s relationship.

“Ummm, I have no idea who Newt is. I’ve never heard of him, but he’s sending my fiance gifts,” LaValle stated.

Snooki then tried to divert her fiance’s jealousy and explain who Newt Gingrich is, to the best of her knowledge.

“He like tried to run for president or something,” she said. “He’s really cute though.”

This is not the first time that Snooki has made friends with the Republican elite. She once joined John McCain on Twitter in a series of posts bashing President Obama, an exchange that McCain later recalled to MTV.

Snooki and Newt Gingrich have a bit of history as well. The two appeared on the Tonight Show at the same time this fall, with the New York Daily News reporting that the 24-year-old Snooki and 69-year-old Newt Gingrich got along great — exchanging pleasantries and laughing frequently in the time they spent together.

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