Real Reason Why Bobby Lashley Wasn’t In The ‘Royal Rumble’ Match Last Night

Before last night’s ‘Royal Rumble‘ PPV, it was reported that Bobby Lashley would be re-signing with WWE for another run. Despite the fact that he was available for the match, Lashley did not enter the Men’s ‘Royal Rumble‘ or make an appearance during the show last night. Some fans are confused and want to know why, but it’s now been reported that WWE officials had a very good reason for keeping him off the show entirely.

According to Pro Wrestling Unlimited, Bobby Lashley didn’t make an appearance on last night’s PPV is due to Ronda Rousey’s debut to end the show and WWE officials refused to book him in a situation that he’d be forced to lose. WWE officials are serious about booking Lashley to be as strong as possible for a huge match with Brock Lesnar down the line, so forcing him to be eliminated in the ‘Royal Rumble‘ didn’t make sense.

On paper, the long-term creative plan for Bobby Lashley to feud with Brock Lesnar means he’ll be exclusive to the Raw brand. However, Rajah was reporting the possibility of challenging Bobby Roode for the United States Championship, which didn’t happen. Like John Cena, Lashley may be brought to WWE television as a “free agent.” However, it seems likely that he will be replacing Lesnar’s role after he leaves the company.

‘Bobby Lashley could debut as early as tonight on Monday Night Raw.’

On Raw, there would be some golden opportunities to use Bobby Lashley. For instance, Roman Reigns will be capturing the WWE Universal Championship from Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 34. If Lashley defeats Lesnar after the grandest stage of them all, WWE officials may set up a huge match for Lashley and Reigns for WWE Summerslam. That’s just one of the possibilities for him on WWE programming over the year.

Bobby Lashley didn’t make his WWE return during the ‘Royal Rumble’ PPV last night, but it’s clear that the powers that be have something bigger planned for him. A rivalry with Brock Lesnar or Roman Reigns won’t come to fruition until after WrestleMania 34, so it’s still unclear what WWE officials have planned for him heading into the grandest stage of them all. For now, the fans just need to wait for his return to television.

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