Trump ‘State Of The Union Survey’ Asks, ‘Are You Happier With President Trump’s First Year Than Obama’s?’

The “Certified Website Of President Donald J. Trump” is getting loads of attention on Monday, January 29, specifically due to the “Official State of the Union Survey” page that has gone viral and purports to seek information one day prior to Trump’s first State of the Union address.

According to Trendolizer, the survey has received 15,000 likes on Facebook. Comprised of 28 questions, the survey starts off innocently enough, asking survey respondents if they approve of the job being done by President Trump. The survey responses available allow those asked to choose from yes, no, no opinion or other, with room to write a more detailed reply.

The questions are written in a leading manner, which tend to favor Trump. For example, instead of asking if participants are angry with the current economy, they are asked, “Are you happy with the current state of the economy?” In place of questions that ask if Trump’s agenda isn’t being followed through upon that won him the presidential campaign, the question is posed as: “Do you feel the agenda you voted for is being implemented?”

The survey next turns the attention to the mainstream media in asking if news organizations are “actively working against the Trump Administration.” The subjects are wide and varied surrounding Trump’s presidency, with one question asking people if they approve of Trump’s tax cuts and reform package and whether or not they are “satisfied with President Trump’s efforts to revitalize American manufacturing.”

From job creation questions to queries about Trump’s southern border wall, the survey contains questions asked mostly in the affirmative light, with “Yes” being the first available choice. Trump’s decision to remove the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord is a topic, along with his “America First” agenda. Plenty of the questions mention Trump’s alleged accomplishments, like “gains made against ISIS under President Trump” and outrightly or indirectly take jabs at former President Barack Obama.

“Are you pleased that under President Trump, the U.S. is no longer shipping pallets of cash to the Iranian regime?”

The leading questions involve phrases such as Trump’s restricted policies against “terrorism-compromised countries” and contain plenty of capitalizations as it speaks of U.S. citizenship as “a PRIVILEGE.”

“Are you happier with President Trump’s first year than Obama’s?”

Military questions and those about “Trump’s tough stance on North Korea” fill the survey.

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