ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ 2018 Spoilers: Episode 5 Sparks Drama For Arie Luyendyk Jr. And His Ladies In Florida

New spoilers are out for Episode 5 of ABC’s The Bachelor 2018 season with Arie Luyendyk Jr., and it’s clear that his trip to Florida with his remaining bachelorettes will be an intense one. Previous Bachelor spoilers have detailed that both Tia Booth and Chelsea Roy will get individual dates, and the buzz is that Krystal Nielson will stir up drama once again. What else has emerged regarding the January 29 show coming up Monday night?

ABC’s latest Bachelor spoilers tease that Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s one-on-one date with Chelsea Roy in Ft. Lauderdale will spark a lot of jealousy from the other bachelorettes. Arie and Chelsea will spend time on a luxury yacht as well as at an antique car museum.

Roy will open up to Luyendyk about some difficult times from her past. Will her supposedly checkered past lead to an early elimination? Gossip guru Reality Steve has indicated that Chelsea will remain in the hunt for Arie’s final rose for now.

There is another large group date for Luyendyk in Episode 5, and ABC’s Bachelor spoilers detail that the ladies will be split into two groups: the Pinups and the Spare Roses. The teams face off in a bowling competition, and the winning team is supposed to get extra time with Arie.

Bachelor spoilers tease that Arie throws a surprise out during this group date, and Reality Steve says that this refers to the fact that Luyendyk doesn’t send the losing team back to the hotel after all. One woman has a meltdown over this, and spoilers indicate that this involves Krystal Nielson.

During her meltdown, Nielson apparently makes a “Not Peter” reference, which is a dig regarding how many thought Peter Kraus would be handing out roses this winter. Despite all of this drama, Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers share that Krystal will stay for now, and viewers will see Kendall Long stepping up to comfort Arie during some of the chaotic moments.

The group date reportedly has another bit of drama, as there is a party crasher of sorts during the after-party. Bachelor spoilers hint that this arrival will bring all of the action to a halt, but who is the surprise guest? Reality Steve notes that Maquel Cooper pops up during Episode 5, and it seems likely that this is where her return takes place.

Tia Booth will open up to Luyendyk about some of the tough experiences she’s endured in her past. New Bachelor spoilers tease that Tia will struggle with wanting to tell Arie that she is falling in love with him. Will she be able to open up to Luyendyk, or will her fears hold her back?

When it comes time for the cocktail party, ABC reveals that “one self-absorbed woman” will be confronted by some of the other bachelorettes who are tired of her drama. It seems that this likely refers to Krystal once again, but Bachelor spoilers indicate that one wise lady will take advantage of the opportunity to score some alone time with Arie.

Ultimately, several ladies will head home by the end of this next rose ceremony, and Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers note that Maquel, Marikh Mathias, and Ashley Luebke will be left without roses. There are said to be big twists and turns on the way as Season 22 plays out, and fans cannot wait to see exactly what goes down.

Will Arie Luyendyk Jr. find lasting love with his final rose recipient? The drama is playing out every Monday night on ABC’s The Bachelor 2018 season, and viewers are buzzing about what’s said to be on the horizon.

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