Hillary Seemingly Tried To Push Trump’s Buttons With Her Mother Goose-Like Reading Of ‘Fire & Fury’ At Grammys

Evan VucciAP Images

Donald Trump Jr. and Niki Haley both hopped on social media to share their dismay over Hillary Clinton’s Grammy cameo, one that is seen as a jab at President Trump from their point of view. Social media is having a field day with Hillary’s reading from Michael Wolff’s book Fire & Fury, and the fact that she looked so relaxed is also mentioned as if she was reading to a child from a Mother Goose bedtime story.

Reports put Hillary doing either one of two things via her cameo reading. One train of thought has Hillary offering up a light-hearted roast of Donald Trump at the Grammys, which is similar to how Elite Daily describes Hillary when suggesting she “stole the show.” While the other comments that contain a seemingly more prevalent train of thought online have Hillary attempting to push Trump’s buttons by taking a jab at him, which is conveyed in an NBC News article. You can view Hillary’s reading at the Grammys in the video above.

Hillary read that excerpt from Fire & Fury much like someone would read a Mother Goose rhyme to a kid at bedtime, but Mother Goose has a dark side. Many of her rhymes and stories spring from tragic and rather creepy events, which is suggested in an archived article from Today. It is widely surmised that Hillary was not reading from Fire & Fury as a tribute to honor Donald Trump last night at the Grammys.

Niki Haley and Donald Trump Jr. were not the only two sharing their thoughts on how this was not the appropriate venue for politics. Diamond and Silk, who have become somewhat regulars on Fox & Friends Weekend, couldn’t get over the nerve of Hillary poking at Trump when her skeletons are falling out of her closet via a “new book” by Juanita Broaddrick.

According to Fox News, “Hillary’s reading from the Fire & Fury book Sunday night at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards “caused at least a couple of viewers to switch channels, namely the president’s U.N. ambassador, and his oldest son.”


Many folks took to social media to remind Hillary her ship has sailed and that she can go on hammering at Trump for her election loss, but it won’t change a thing. According to the Washington Examiner, Donald Trump Jr. hopped on social media to call Hillary’s reading a “great consolation prize” for her loss of the election. Niki Haley, on the other hand, was disappointed that the Grammys have come to this. She shares that she used to enjoy this yearly show, but it is not just about music anymore after what she saw last night. Haley added that Hillary’s reading “ruined it” for her.

Others took to social media to basically say let the games begin.

One Twitter user wrote, “Well if Hillary Clinton can read lies out of the fictional book Fire and Fury the Liberal Propaganda Show known as The Grammys… Then it’s time for President Trump to end his State of the Union Address by reading that damn Memo!”

Many others chimed in to say what’s fair is fair and that it’s time for the vast amount written about Hillary’s alleged shortcomings to be read to the world.

Still, many pointed to the “memo,” which might be released to the public within the next few days. The setting that was suggested for a public reading of the “memo” was at Trump’s State of the Union Address on Tuesday night.

According to the Hill, “The memo is said to contain allegations that senior FBI officials abused a surveillance program to target the Trump campaign last year.”


Donald Trump has not said a word about Hillary’s Fire & Fury reading as of yet, but according to Politico, the White House spokesperson did offer up some thoughts. Raj Shah said that the cameo of Hillary Clinton at the Grammys should be “dismissed as the complaints of out of touch liberals.”

Shah, who is a deputy White House secretary, told Fox & Friends, “When I see Hillary Clinton and other liberal politicians join forces with celebrities or try to show America how in touch they are, I don’t take it all that seriously. You know, the left and the elite centers of America are frankly out of touch with what’s going on in this country and all the great work that this president is doing. And I wouldn’t take a whole lot of what you see on a Sunday night Grammy appearance by celebrities attacking president all that seriously.”


Donald Trump has remained silent on this, so it is hard for the media to gauge whether Hillary’s reading from that book pushed his buttons. Trump is usually voicing his discontent on Twitter if something is bothering him, but that doesn’t seem the case today when it comes to Hillary. The masses may never know if Hillary succeeded in pushing Trump’s buttons, but they will wait with bated breath to see if Trump retaliates with a reading of his own about Hillary.