Princess Eugenie’s Wedding Could Become An Etiquette Minefield For Meghan, Kate And Prince Philip

The royal family may now be practicing their “stiff upper lip” in the mirror, as they fine tune their exquisite etiquette skills in preparation for Princess Eugenie’s fall wedding. The blessed event between the Duke and Duchess of York’s youngest daughter and and former barman Jack Brooksbank promises to be rife with of a minefield of etiquette challenges for the members of the British Royal Family.

Princess Eugenie’s wedding could certainly extinguish any sign of Meghan Markle’s honeymoon glow, as there will not be one but two of Harry’s ex-girlfriends in attendance at Prince Harry’s cousin’s wedding.

Princess Eugenie is close friends with two of Harry’s exes, singer Ellie Goulding and Cressida Bonas. Eugenie, who is very close to Prince Harry, actually introduced Bonas to her first cousin, and the two dated for two years. Bonas could not handle the intense media scrutiny of dating a royal.

Although Harry has clearly moved on, Eugenie remains close friends with the blonde model and actress, and according to Express, Bonas could even be one of her bridesmaids.

Meanwhile, Prince Philip will have to employ his best stiff upper lip, as he will be forced to be in the same room as the former daughter-in-law that he reportedly “detests” and has managed to avoid for over 20 years.

According to Express, a source claims that Prince Philip is believed to still be “so upset at Sarah Ferguson’s toe-sucking scandal and embarrassment to the Royal Family” that the recently retired husband of Queen Elizabeth cannot be in the same room as Fergie.

“The royal wedding will be difficult for the Duke of Edinburgh because he hates Fergie so much he can’t stand to be in the same place as her.”

The alleged “toe sucking scandal” occurred in 1992. Fergie was on holiday in the French Riviera with her “financial advisor.” According to People, the Daily Mirror snapped a photo of John Bryan sucking on the toes of Fergie, who was sunbathing topless. And this all occurred with her two young daughters nearby.

Allegedly, this story became front page news when the royals were on their yearly family sojourn to Balmoral, and the royal family was forever scandalized.

This was not Sarah Ferguson’s only scandal. In 201o, she was embroiled in another high profile disaster.

The Guardian reports that Fergie was caught in a News of the World sting operation. She was recorded on video promising a “fake sheik” full access to her ex-husband Prince Andrew for the fee of £500,000 ($700,000).

This scandal embarrassed the royal family so much so that she was not invited to Kate and William’s wedding.

The odds of Fergie being invited to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding are slim. According to Michael Cole, the former TV Court Correspondent for the BBC, Prince Philip will veto any wedding invitation to Fergie.

“It is his practice to veto any suggestion that his former daughter-in-law be permitted to participate in any formal affair involving the Royal Family.”

In turn, Us Magazine reported that Sarah Ferguson went on Oprah, crying on her couch, telling millions of viewers how hurt that she was because she was “snubbed.”

The royal family have still never forgiven Fergie. Despite being divorced, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson have continued to live together, along with their daughters. It was rumored that in 2000, the Duke and Duchess of York wished to remarry, but Prince Philip refused this match.

The Inquisitr has already reported that once Prince William and Duchess Kate have their third royal baby, Prince Andrew will move down to seventh in line. Then, he will no longer have to seek permission from the Queen to remarry Fergie.

Perhaps when this change occurs, Fergie and Andrew will remarry before Eugenie and Jack marry. If so, Prince Andrew is sure to invite his parents and the other Royal Family members that have spent years shunning Sarah Ferguson. Good thing they have mastered that stiff upper lip!