President Trump Claims He Is ‘Popular’ In Britain, But He May Face ‘Biggest Ever’ Protest

President Donald Trump went on something of a charm offensive last week when he attended the World Economic Forum in Davos. Trump was pictured alongside United Kingdom prime minister Theresa May, and he almost apologized for retweeting fake videos by far-right race hate group Britain First. As reported by the Independent, President Trump, speaking during an interview with ITV host Piers Morgan, also claimed that he is “very popular” in the United Kingdom.

Trump also claimed that he is not sexist or racist in the interview that many believe was used to pave the way for a state visit to the United Kingdom later this year. Unfortunately for President Trump, his view on his popularity in the United Kingdom may not be something that is widely shared in Britain.

Prime Minister Theresa May infuriated many when she invited President Trump to make a state visit to the United Kingdom. Almost 2 million people signed a petition demanding that the invitation to Trump be withdrawn. The U.K. government closed the petition early after calling last year’s snap election. Now U.K. news sources are reporting that Trump’s visit will take place in the latter part of this year and that Trump may face the biggest protests ever seen in the United Kingdom.

Donald Trump’s Visit To The United Kingdom May Spark Civil Unrest

According to The Guardian, President Trump’s first official visit to the United Kingdom will be a “working visit” rather than the anticipated state visit. They claim that security plans are already being drawn up for a visit that will “lead to the biggest protests since the anti-war demonstration against the Iraq war in 2003.” Those protests saw an estimated 1 million people take to the streets of London, and many more people marched in cities throughout the United Kingdom.

As reported by the Daily Mail, celebrities, politicians, and activists are already planning to meet President Trump with even bigger protests. Activists in the U.K. have formed an “anti-Trump coalition” which aims to mobilize protesters with the sole purpose of disrupting President Trump’s visit.

President Trump has already canceled one planned trip to the United Kingdom; he was to open the new U.S. embassy in London earlier this month. Trump canceled claiming that President Barack Obama had signed a bad deal for the new building. Journalist Michael Wolff claims that Trump really canceled the trip because he believes “he would not receive the love he believes he deserves” in the United Kingdom.

If the scale of the planned protests against Trump’s visit to the U.K. is correct, it would appear that the president’s assessment of the situation is correct.

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