Lady Gaga Stirs Up Engagement Buzz At The Grammy Awards By Wearing A Gigantic Pink Diamond Ring [Photo]

There is a time and a place to show off your gigantic diamond ring, and the Grammy Awards red carpet is it. On Sunday, Lady Gaga paired her stunning gothic Armani Prive dress with her pink diamond ring. Many people suspect that the pink diamond ring is actually an engagement ring from her boyfriend, Christian Carino.

Is Lady Gaga Engaged?

According to USA Today, Lady Gaga got engaged in November. However, Lady Gaga hasn’t confirmed or denied the popular rumor.

The 31-year-old entertainer was one of the first celebrities to arrive on the red carpet. Gaga picked up nominations for Best Pop Solo and Best Pop Vocal. She arrived on the red carpet alone, but Christian supported Gaga backstage before her performance.

According to MSN, Lady Gaga has been seen wearing the pink diamond ring for the past few months, which adds to the speculation that she could be engaged.

Lady believes that her relationship with Carino should remain private and she’s careful not to reveal too much information about her beau. Every so often a picture of the happy couple is posted on one of their Instagram accounts, but for the most part, she keeps her relationship with him out of the press.–B/?hl=en&taken-by=christiancarino

What Does Lady Gaga’s Snake Ring Mean?

On Lady Gaga’s other hand was a snake ring, which many fans took as support for Taylor Swift, who reclaimed the serpent after her beef with reality TV queen Kim Kardashian.

On Twitter, some of Gaga’s fans wondered what her support of Taylor could mean. Did it mean Taylor had her support or could it be a sign they are working on a song together? Of course, Lady Gaga didn’t say, which fueled the buzz on social media.

According to Hello Giggles, Taylor Swift sells snake rings that look similar to the one that Gaga wore on Sunday, January 28, at the 60th annual Grammy Awards. One Twitter user pointed out that Lady’s ring could be by Lorraine Schwartz, a celebrity favorite jewelry designer in Los Angeles.

Gaga’s fans are waiting for her to confirm her engagement to Christian Carino. They feel certain that her gorgeous pink diamond ring has to be an engagement ring from Christian.

See the picture below and decide for yourself.

Lady Gaga shows off a snake ring and a pink diamond ring.