Is This Harry Styles’ New Girlfriend?

One Direction’s Harry Styles appears to have moved on pretty quickly from his recent tryst with country singer Taylor Swift, as pictures have emerged of him frolicking around with a bikini clad TV presenter, Hermione Way.

The images, which were taken just hours after his split from Swift, show the twosome in a jacuzzi on British tycoon Richard Branson’s island, called Necker, alongside the multi-billionaire and two other men.

Sources also added that Styles only had eyes for her, telling The Sun, “Harry was fuming as the row with Taylor got really bitter and a lot of things were said that they both didn’t mean.”

“But by the time he arrived at Sir Richard’s place and saw the luxury and women holidaying there, he soon calmed down,” added the insider. “Not only that – by the time he jumped in the island’s hot tub and splashed around with Hermione he was back on form. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her all the time he was there.”

Hermione, who is a host on the UK tv station Bravo, tweeted today, “To all the journalists hounding me this morning – I have nothing to say on the Harry story. What happens on Necker, stays on Necker.” When the pictures started to spread she also said, “Oh dear.”

Styles and Swift split whilst on holiday together in the Caribbean after only dating for 65 days, with the country singer apparently telling the boy-band star, “You’re lucky to even be with me.” What do you think of Styles’ new lady friend?