January 28, 2018
'Destiny 2' Grimoire Return Discussed By Bungie Narrative Director

There have been a lot of complaints about Destiny 2 since the video game was released in 2017. While the game was the second-best selling game of the year behind only Call of Duty: WWII, it has received a lot of complaints from fans of the original Destiny due to the lack of depth, the reliance on in-game transactions, and smaller things, such as the lack of Grimoire. When it comes to Grimoire, that was a hugely popular part of the Destiny video game and something that many gamers want to see return for Destiny 2. However, a recent tweet by Bungie Narrative Director Margaret Stohl has commented on the Grimoire and a return doesn't sound promising.

Grimoire In The Destiny 2 World

A gamer asked Margaret Stohl about how much the original Destiny Grimoire cards play into the Destiny 2 video game. The question was whether the Grimoire was canon to the new video game as well. When answering the question, Stohl said that the Grimoire cards were different from the comic books when it comes to canon.

The exact words from Stohl were that the comics are canon unless they "mess something up." She then made a joke that sometimes Ryan North will mess something up but Christine Thompson never does with the comics. However, Stohl then angered a number of gamers with her next comment.

Stohl said that Grimoire is considered "folklore." She said it is folklore to even the fictional characters in the game itself and is only true as far as they know. She made sure to say there is a difference between the comics and Grimoire in that the comics are canon, meaning that what happens there is fact, while Grimoire in Destiny 2 may or may not be true, which makes it up to the new writers.

What Does This Mean For Destiny 2?

Gamers were not happy with the comments. On the Twitter feed itself, some said that deleting a lot of what original Destiny fans discovered in the past makes it hard for anyone to invest in the new game. There were also thoughts that the fact that Destiny 2 has brand-new writers that did not work on the first game makes this a way for them to put their own spin on it, ignoring the past.

With this in mind, there is a good chance that the exodus of gamers from Destiny 2 will continue if Bungie continues to make everything from the past unnecessary to the lore. CNBC reported that Destiny 2 is losing a lot of players and things like this could doom the game and any future editions of the franchise.