Vermont Town Bans Semi-Automatic Weapons

Burlington, VT – The Vermont town is attempting to ban semi-automatic weapons and high capacity magazines. Four Burlington city council members are seeking to alter the town charter and enforce the gun ban with a fine. A recent town meeting held on the matter erupted with angry words and concerns about infringement upon the Second Amendment.

An excerpt from the Burlington city council semi-automatic assault weapons and high capacity magazines resolution cites the following reasons for the new law:

“The multitude of incidents in the recent past during which innocent bystanders, attendees at movie theaters, gatherers at political events, school children, and others have been fatally killed by individuals wielding and firing semi-automatic weapons.”

Although city council members claimed they supported gun rights, the local officials stated they felt the need to pass a resolution to “promote common good” and measures that would protect the community, WPTZ News notes.

Vermont town council member Ian Galbraith opposes the semi-automatic weapons ban in the Vermont city. Galbraith, a gun collector, had this to say about the resolution:

“I think considering that I have always been responsible with these weapons. Most people are, and there’s no reason to think I wouldn’t continue to be responsible.”

It is currently not know if the Burlington semi-automatic weapons ban resolution would garner any true legal power. Both the Vermont state constitution and the Second Amendment guarantee the right to bear arms.

An excerpt from the Vermont state constitution reads:

“Except as otherwise provided by law, no town, city, or incorporated village, by ordinance, resolution, or other enactment, shall directly regulate firearms, ammunition or components of firearms or ammunition.”

Incoming Senate Majority Leader Philip Baruth plans to introduce a bill for a statewide assault weapons ban, according to Vermont Public Radio.

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