Trump Approval Rating Plummets In Swing State, As Trump Voters Tweet POTUS To ‘Class It Up’

Michigan was one of the three key battleground states that helped Donald Trump win the Oval Office in 2016. But a new poll out of Michigan finds that if the election were to happen again there today, Trump’s approval rating is plummeting reports The Detroit News. On Twitter, Donald Trump is hearing dissatisfaction from his own voters from all over the country, with one of his own voters telling him to “class it up.”

That tweet came after Donald Trump called Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer for New York “Cryin’ Chuck Schumer” on Twitter. A Trump voter responded to the president’s tweet asking the president to “class it up a bit.”

“I voted for you, but I didn’t vote for this type of name calling. Let’s class it up a bit Mr. President.”

This is just one of the 66 million voters that helped Donald Trump to win the presidency. It is one of many expressing their concerns via Twitter to Donald Trump in recent weeks. In Michigan, a state that Donald Trump won over Hillary Clinton by only 10,704 votes, voters are expressing their concerns with low Trump approval ratings.

The Detroit News and WDIV Local 4 conducted a poll of Michigan voters recently, which resulted in a 39.5 percent approval rating for Donald Trump. Fifty-four percent of Michigan voters disapproved of Donald Trump, as women voters and Independents expressed the most dissatisfaction with the president.

Sixty-six percent of women in Michigan “strongly disagreed” with Donald Trump’s job performance, and 39 percent polled gave Donald Trump an “F.” Rich Czuba, director of the poll said this shows that Michigan is now a bellwether state.

“His approval ratings are terrible, it’s that simple. We are the bellwether state at this point. Michigan is going to reflect what is occurring nationally.”

Jobs in Michigan are a hot point for factory workers and union workers, and a key reason Donald Trump earned those additional 10,704 votes above Hillary Clinton in the election. But the jobs aren’t coming to Michigan, and Michigan voters have long been opposing Donald Trump.

In this recent poll, 54 percent Michigan voters said Donald Trump was not qualified to be the president. Poll director Rich Czuba says these numbers reflect the “national tone,” noting that over 4,000 people rallied against Trump at the Michigan Capitol for the first anniversary of the women’s march this past week.

One of the speakers at that march was an 11-year-old girl. She spoke about how important it was for women to run for office, and how “women know what it’s like to be underestimated.” Watch a clip of her speech here.

On the women’s marches, Rich Czuba said the following.

“Based on what I’m seeing in these numbers, it would be very foolish to characterize these women’s marches as just an extension of the Democratic Party for some leftist marches. This is a movement … a combination of Independent and Democratic women that have linked together.”

In addition to how Michigan personally feels about the president, they are scoring him low on the issues of health care and foreign affairs, referencing directly his recent comments on Haiti and African countries.

Matt Grossman, Director of the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research at Michigan State University concurs on the “bellwether” traits of Michigan. He says that the strong opposition against Trump will drive out more Democrat voters for the midterm elections.

“It’s an overall increase in what we call negative partisanship – they hate the opposition more….so I’d say Trump is certainly the key factor in motivating Democratic constituencies.”

Michigan is not the only blue-collar state that could be problematic come the midterms. Pennsylvania will be holding the first midterm elections this year and is already showing a tight single-digit race in a special election between Democrat Conor Lamb and Republican Rep. Rick Saccone reports the Washington Post. That election will occur March 13, and campaigning is already in full swing.

Conor Lamb is a Marine veteran who is known in the state after having served as a former assistant U.S. attorney. He says jobs in Pennsylvania are a turning point for constituents.

The district he is running in is also known for having lost a Republican Congress member recently after Rep. Tim Murphy resigned in disgrace last year. Politico reports that Rep. Tim Murphy resigned after allegations surfaced that he reportedly asked a woman he was romantically involved with to terminate a pregnancy.

Conor Lamb says factory jobs are the reason Pennsylvania voted for Donald Trump, but the factory jobs aren’t coming to Pennsylvania anymore.

“I’m not running against the president. But a coal mine just announced last week that it’s closing. Coal-fired power plants have continued to close every 15 days since the president took office. People are tired of career politicians on both sides. They want results.”

The race against 33-year-old Conor Lamb and Rep. Tim Murphy is occurring in a district Donald Trump won by 19 points. The race is now down to a single-digit difference between the candidates reports The Washington Post.

Donald Trump approval rating polls and numbers across the nation are pointing to dissatisfaction with the president overall. And every time he tweets, he receives opposition from his own voters. Some have asked him to “class it up,” while other voters have used even stronger words.

Other words that Trump voters recently tweeted to the president were obnoxious, liar, bad American, and a bad president. One Trump voter also compared him and the White House staff to Hillary Clinton, saying she was a saint compared to them. The issue of DACA is also a hot button for Trump voters.

Some Trump voters have also recognized that Trump has done a lot of talking about “Crooked Hillary” but has not produced proof of his allegations against her. One Trump voter told him that “we are fed up” about the hot topics around Hillary Clinton.

Another Trump voter called him obnoxious. Yet another tweeted him today and called him a liar and a bad American, saying Trump is telling “half-truths” and dividing the nation.

As of January 21, Gallup had Donald Trump’s job approval rating at 36 percent, which is even lower than Michigan. Gallup’s disapproval rating for Donald Trump is 59 percent. Donald Trump’s approval ratings have seen an uptick after speeches to the nation, and he may see some changes in his approval ratings this week after his first State of the Union address this Tuesday.

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