‘Alaskan Bush People’: Billy Brown, Gabe Brown Get New Tattoos Rumored To Have ‘Significant Meaning’

Alaskan Bush People stars Billy Brown and son Gabe Brown recently got new tattoos that reportedly have “significant meaning” behind them. The owner of the Los Angeles tattoo parlor where the two Brown family members were inked reportedly gave an exclusive interview about their visit last week. According to Radar Online, the Alaskan Bush People patriarch and one of his sons opted for “fresh new ink” as a way to celebrate their move out of California.

The Inquisitr previously reported that the Alaskan Bush People cast members hinted on social media about moving to a “new home.” The reported move away from Los Angeles and the UCLA Medical Center comes just after Brown family matriarch Ami Brown, 54, was recently cleared of lung cancer. Radar Online shared exclusively on Friday that it’s not known where the Brown family’s “next journey will take them,” but fans of Alaskan Bush People can only assume the Brown family is finally moving to Colorado to rebuild Browntown.

Colorado is supposed to be the next new set for Season 8 of Alaskan Bush People after the Brown family was shown moving out of Alaska to California during Season 7. After a lengthy stay in California, as Ami Brown received cancer treatment, a Los Angeles tattoo parlor owner reportedly exclusively told Radar Online that Billy, 65, Gabe, 28, and Bear Brown, 30, visited his tattoo shop on their last day in California to do something that would “last a lifetime.” However, the shop owner, Dave H., said that only two out of the three Brown family members actually got inked.

Dave H., who owns Generation8Tattoo, reportedly shared that Billy, Gabe, and Bear portrayed a “positive family,” given the fact that mom Ami Brown was diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer a year ago. Dave went on to say in the exclusive interview that both Billy and Gabe received tattoos last Wednesday afternoon that apparently has “significant meaning,” including a quote and a music note. Billy Brown reportedly had a quote inked in black on his upper arm, and Gabe chose a “treble clef music note” tattoo “on his hand.”

According to Dave, Billy’s “personal” quote tattoo says, “Not all who wander are lost, stay the course.”

Dave also reportedly told Radar Online that Billy and Gabe “sat like rocks” while they received their tattoos, were “down to earth,” with “old family values,” and allegedly didn’t know what a wifi connection was.

“Billy tried to do it and it was kind of cool to see someone so unattached. The three of them weren’t on their phones at all.”

According to Radar Online exclusively, Dave H. ended the interview by saying that all three Alaskan Bush People cast members seemed “very bonded” to each other and were leaving California “with positive vibes.” Dave also added that Bear Brown reportedly wanted to “climb some buildings” before leaving the Sunshine State.

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