‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Anna Is Promised That ‘One Way Or The Other, Faison Is Done’ By Jason [Video]

General Hospital spoilers reveal that the Empire of Evil’s days are numbered if Jason (Steve Burton) has anything to say about it. GH viewers saw Carly (Laura Wright) asking Jason if Faison (Anders Hove) doesn’t make it out of the skirmish alive, would he be okay with not having his questions answered. According to She Knows Soaps, at his core, Jason knows that Faison and the evil that he brings needs to come to an end, and he, therefore, makes a promise that he intends to keep.

Jason has a justifiable cause in wanting the supervillain dead. Faison supposedly murdered him before planting his memories in the mind of his twin brother, Drew (Billy Morgan). But, perhaps nobody has more reason to want Cesar Faison dead than Anna (Finola Hughes). His sick obsession with the spy includes kidnapping her and her daughter, ordering the murder of her husband Robert Scorpio, and abducting her second husband Duke Lavery and assuming his identity. However, the General Hospital spoilers preview show Jason promising Anna that Faison is done, “one way or the other.” Jason and Anna both realize that as long as Faison breathes, his evil plots will continue to wreak havoc on the residents of Port Charles.

General Hospital spoilers, via Celeb Dirty Laundry, indicate that Jason and Anna will have a heart-to-heart this week. Anna will tell Jason in confidence and ask him never to tell Robin (Kimberly McCullough) that she wishes that he had killed Faison in the Crimson standoff. Jason, who will be cleared after security footage shows that the shot he fired at Faison was necessary, will commiserate with her. Anna will feel that she has had enough of the threat of Faison who always seems to crop up just when she finally feels that she is able to let go of the past. She will feel that by living according to principles such as honor and ethics, she has always let Faison get away with murder.

Jason will tell Anna that he would have killed Faison if he wasn’t the very one person that they needed to get their answers from. Later, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Jason will admit that he has a backup plan should Faison die, and he will milk that source for information regarding the mind-swapping. Jason will promise Anna that Faison’s days are over. He will promise Anna that he will stop Faison and his reign of destruction.

Anna will be surprised at the vehemence of Jason’s vow. Since Jason is a man of his honor, it seems as if the war is only just beginning. General Hospital spoilers tease that Faison will survive Jason’s gunshot wound. Of course, the supervillain won’t just sit back and let Port Charles hunt him. GH spoilers suggest that by the end of February sweeps, that at least one body in Nathan (Ryan Paevey) will leave General Hospital.