January 28, 2018
Nicole Eggert Alleges Scott Baio Molested Her As a Minor, Baio Responds To Her Accusations

On Saturday, former Charles in Charge actress Nicole Eggert went to Twitter to allege that her co-star, Scott Baio, molested her as a minor. Meanwhile, Scott Baio responded on Facebook live to refute her claims of child molestation and maintains that any sort of intimate relationship they had was when she was at least 18-years-old. What all was said?

According to Deadline, the former Baywatch star tweeted about Scott Baio and accused him of molesting her when she was a minor, between the ages of 14 and 17, and she claimed that she "covered it up for years."

"Ask [Scott Baio] what happened in his garage at his house when I was a minor. Creep."
Then she went on to allege that this happened more than once.
"It started when I was 14. Wasn't a one-time deal."
In response, Scott Baio took to Facebook live, because he felt that this way "no one would edit me." In the former Charles in Charge star's social media response, which was filmed by his wife Renee, Baio accused Nicole Eggert of trying to "shop" this particular story about him to both TMZ, and the Dr. Oz show, with no luck. Both outlets wanted "evidence" that Eggert could not allegedly provide.

Baio, who spoke at the Republican convention in support of candidate Donald Trump, claimed to "used Eggert's own words against her."

Baio played an audio from a show called The Dirty, from 2013. There, Nicole told radio host Nic Richie that her recollection of the incidents happened "years after" the show Charles in Charge, where she co-starred with Baio, was canceled.

According to the New York Daily News, Baio went on to do the math. Eggert's birthday is January 13, 1972. Charles in Charge was canceled later in 1990. He then provided a dated script from May 18, 1990, toward the end of the show, as his proof.
He pointed out that, if this were the case, she was not a minor when the show ended, but instead 18 when Charles in Charge was canceled.

He then insisted that this would mean that if what she said in 2013 was true, that these allegedly incidents happened after the show was canceled, Baio contends that she would not have been a minor as she now claims.

Then, after clarifying that she was at least 18 at the time, he admitted that he did have sex with his co-star.

"I remember her calling me and asking me to come over and coming in my house one time, and seducing me."
Baio did not flinch as he admitted on camera to a sexual encounter with Nicole Eggert.
"Any normal heterosexual, red-blooded American guy, the outcome would have been the same."
What Baio said made him angry was that Eggert took to social media with her "complaints" as opposed to the police.
"If you have a claim, go to the police. There is a special unit there that handles this kind of stuff."
Baio also pointed out that he never had "access" to the minors on set. As a child actor, he knew the drill of studying when they were not working.
"When you have minors on the set, when they are not on the set working, they are in the classroom with the teacher, the teacher brings them to the set, and on the set is their parents, their teachers..."
Baio ended his Facebook live video with the warning that those with "legitimate claims" would not be heard. He was insinuating that the claims that Eggert has made against him on social media were not true, and he alleged that those with real claims may not be taken seriously because of what he called a false claim.
"The real problem with this is that people with legitimate claims aren't taken seriously, and that's too bad."