‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Perez Hilton Implies He’s More Entertaining Than Lance Bass, Wants To Be On ‘CBB US’

Although Lance Bass has entertained the masses in concerts and during his many hosting gigs, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has a personality that just won’t quit. On Friday, he took to his Twitter page and crafted a message implying Celebrity Big Brother casting bigwigs were making a mistake by thinking Lance is more entertaining than he is.

In his Twitter message, Perez wrote that he was not cast as part of the inaugural season of CBB US and called his absence “Their loss!” He added the following quip.

“Truly. I mean, seriously, they think Lance Bass will be more entertaining than ME?”

In addition, Perez tweeted that he hopes the U.S. version of Celebrity Big Brother is not canceled after its first season because he wants to be a 2019 houseguest to “show them how it’s done!”

Perez has been interested in being on the show since its production was announced last year. In October, 2017, he posted a YouTube video emphasizing what a great addition to CBB US he would be. He also promised to bring the drama as he did in the U.K. version of Celebrity Big Brother three years ago.

It should be noted that Perez is not just blowing smoke when it comes to his Big Brother prowess. In January, 2015, he entered the Celebrity Big Brother U.K. house and became a force to be reckoned with. Although some of his antics were hard to watch, the drama he brought to Big Brother was what most diehard fans crave.

At one point in the series, he began calling his season “The Perez Show,” which made many of his fellow houseguests cringe. Nevertheless, the viewing audience clearly loved Perez and his over-the-top behavior, as they voted to keep him safe time and time again. The entire season was only 31 days and Perez made it to day 29 despite being cursed with a perpetual nomination.

In his exit interview with CBB UK host Emma Willis, she informed Perez he had become “one of the best housemates in Celebrity Big Brother history,” while also being the most controversial, according to the Mirror.

While in the CBB UK house, Perez offended several houseguests by comparing his stay in the reality abode with “being diagnosed with aids;” sparked a call to local police after an “explosive argument” with another cast member; and allegedly licked another housemate, the Mirror reports.

His fellow CBB UK celebrities began to believe the network had set Perez up to win the season because Channel 5 bosses found him to be “TV gold,” according to the Mirror.

As for Lance, his good-guy persona is probably what viewers would have to look forward to if he is part of the U.S. cast of Celebrity Big Brother. He drips of congeniality and kindness, which is all well and good, but not as entertaining as the craziness Perez has proven he can bring when called upon to do so.

In addition, Lance has denied being part of the CBB US cast, as reported by the Inquisitr. Addressing a suspicious “confirmed” Twitter leak crafted by @JulieBBInsider that supposedly named the entire cast of Celebrity Big Brother, Lance tweeted #FakeNews, the report notes.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the alleged “FULL… CONFIRMED LINEUP” of celebrities entering the CBB US house, according to Tuesday’s @JulieBBInsider Twitter post, includes MTV’s Johnny Bananas, reality star Tiffany Pollard, Beth Chapman of Dog the Bounty Hunter fame, superstar athlete Terrell Owens, Jersey Shore’s Sammi Sweetheart, Brody Jenner, YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous, Survivor alum Andrea Boehlke, American Ninja Warrior host Matt Iseman, and Lance Bass.

Along with Lance, several other celebrities have denied being on CBB US, including Andrea and Sammi. The Inquisitr reports that yet another “confirmed” cast member, Brody Jenner, has dropped out of the lineup, according to @JulieBBInsider.

Brody taking part in Celebrity Big Brother was always in question, as reported by the Inquisitr on January 24. This is because his schedule seemed to make it physically impossible for him to be part of CBB US. Brody tweeted that between January 26 and January 29 he would be working as a DJ on the Groove Cruise, a music festival that set sail for the Bahamas. Several reports indicate the celebrities are being picked up and transported to the CBB US house sometime this weekend when Brody is slated to be nowhere near dry land.

Interestingly enough, @JulieBBInsider has now added an unknown celebrity to the “confirmed” CBB US roster, claiming he or she is “from American Pie.”

Several other names that appear on the @JulieBBInsider “confirmed” list have had fun with their supposed casting, including Matt Iseman and Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, who are implying on social media they’ll be entering the Celebrity Big Brother house post haste, as noted by the Inquisitr.

One can only hope the 2018 season of CBB US is entertaining and exciting and maybe the show’s casting executives will give Perez a chance to show a North American audience what he can do. Who knows, maybe Perez is trolling his social media fans and will slyly enter the Celebrity Big Brother house this season.

Whatever the case may be, until CBS makes an official announcement about the Celebrity Big Brother cast, which is expected to take place during the upcoming Grammy Awards airing on Sunday, nothing is absolutely certain regarding CBB US houseguests.

Celebrity Big Brother premieres on February 7 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on CBS. The longtime host of the Big Brother franchise, Julie Chen, returns to take the helm of CBB US as well.

Please check back often for more news and spoilers about Big Brother, Celebrity Big Brother U.K., and Big Brother Canada.

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