Melania Trump Did Not Acknowledge Her Wedding Anniversary Amid Donald Trump Cheating Scandal

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Melania Trump’s marriage has been the topic of a lot of conservations lately. But after she failed to acknowledge her 13th wedding anniversary this week, we can’t help but wonder what is really going on behind the scenes. Are Melania and Donald Trump on the verge of a breakup amid his cheating scandal?

Melania Remains Quiet About Anniversary

According to Bravo TV, Melania did not say a single thing about her anniversary this week and neither did Trump. Melania remained quiet on social media on the day of their anniversary, while Trump praised Republicans for reopening the government after the weekend shutdown. Although Melania didn’t say anything about the anniversary, she did reflect on her first year in the White House.

How Did Melania And Trump Spend Their 13th Wedding Anniversary?

Melania and Trump were not spotted in public on the night of their anniversary. The couple usually dines at the White House for most of their meals, so it’s possible that they stayed in for a romantic dinner.

But given the circumstances, there has been no confirmation that they spent any time at all together for their anniversary. Considering the cheating rumors, wouldn’t President Trump be vocal about an anniversary meal spent with his wife?

Without confirmation that either of them acknowledged their anniversary, it proves even further that their marriage may be in serious trouble.


Melania Ditches Davos Event

Trump has been plagued with cheating rumors over the past week. Rumor has it that Trump had an affair with porn star Stormy Daniels in 2006, months after Melania gave birth to their first son, Barron. Melania was supposed to travel with Trump to Davos, Switzerland this week but she canceled at the last minute, citing scheduling conflicts.

The timing of the cancellation left many fans wondering if Melania and Trump are fighting over the cheating scandal. Either way, something is going on between Melania and Trump — and it doesn’t look good.

Melania Flies To Florida Without Trump

After canceling her trip with Trump, Melania paid a surprise visit to the Holocaust Museum in Washington late this week. The appearance was Melania’s first public outing since the affair news broke, and it’s worth noting that she was alone.

The First Lady took to Twitter after visiting the museum and thanked the staff for educating people about the tragedy of World War II. After her stop at the museum, Melania flew to Florida, though it isn’t known why she left Washington.

Trump Denies Affair

Trump has denied having an affair with Daniels, though she originally came clean about the scandal back in 2011. At the time, Daniels revealed that she met Trump at a celebrity golf tournament in California and was invited back to his hotel. She described the sex as being standard and boring, and she claims that Trump continued to contact her in the years following their initial hookup.

Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, allegedly paid Daniels $130,000 to keep quiet about the affair prior to the 2016 presidential election. Daniels hasn’t said much about her comments in 2011 but now claims that she and Trump did not have an affair.

But the former porn star is making the most of her 15 minutes of fame, booking stripping gigs across the country.

Just like her anniversary, Melania Trump has not commented on the affair rumors surrounding her husband.