’90 Day Fiancé’ Fans Think Anfisa Arkhipchenko And Jorge Nava Are Back Together After This Instagram Post


After 90 DayFiancé:Happily Ever After it seemed like Anfisa Arkhipchenko and Jorge Nava were never getting back together. However, Anfisa has been teasing fans on Instagram about whether they are still in a relationship.

During the reunion, Jorge attempted to shame Anfisa by insinuating that she had a “degrading” job but refused to reveal what it was. Fans of 90 DayFiancé did some digging and alleged that she worked as a webcam stripper. Some outlets then reported that Jorge met Anfisa on a webcam show and fans accused him of hypocrisy.

Jorge Nava suggested that Anfisa became distant toward him after he paid for her plastic surgery.

It seems like the couple has made up as they looked cozy on a shopping trip. Anfisa posted an Instagram story where Jorge holds his wife intimately.

In December, Anfisa removed all photos of Jorge from her Instagram page, which led fans to believe that they have broken up.

The 90 DayFiancé star took to Instagram to respond to fans who asked her whether she is still married. Anfisa refused to confirm whether she is still married or not and stated that fans only get to see the part of her life producers choose to show.

Anfisa Arkhipchenko’s Instagram surname is Nava, which further suggests that they are still married. Some fans defended Anfisa’s demands for Jorge to take care of her financially because she told him before they married that she wants a millionaire and Jorge lied about his financial status.

The self-proclaimed gold digger told fans that she has started going to college as a plan B in case the trophy wife plan fails. Anfisa has gained a lot of fans for her honesty, while Jorge has garnered some sympathy from viewers.

The 90 DayFiancé star is now a full-time student at a community college and is working on an associate degree. She wants to eventually transfer to a university to get a bachelors degree in business administration.

It seems like Anfisa is working on her plan B while working on her marriage with Jorge. Despite the reunion, Anfisa refuses to confirm the status of their marriage.