Matt Lauer Slammed Following New Report About ‘Today’ Firing

Mike CoppolaGetty Images

Matt Lauer is being slammed (again) after Page Six’s report that he was “in denial” until the moment he was fired by NBC. The report indicated that Lauer knew that he was going to be let go, and he was even reportedly overheard telling a co-worker, “This is going to be my last parade,” on the morning of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade — a staple appearance for Lauer for several years. The site goes on to report that people close to Lauer have said that he is dealing with a lot of shame and that he has been having a hard time dealing with the sexual misconduct aftermath and his NBC/Today Show firing.

Shortly after Page Six published the article, people took to social media to slam Lauer in direct response to the piece. Most people seem completely sick and tired of hearing about Lauer, who was fired by NBC after reports of sexual misconduct were brought to the network’s attention. An internal investigation led to Lauer’s demise, which continues to haunt him, despite his attempt to completely remove himself from the spotlight. He even deleted his social media accounts shortly after these allegations were made public.

“Give us a break, should we feel the least bit sorry for this creep?” one Twitter user wrote.

“Why are you raining on Matt’s parade?” wrote another.

Despite the reports on Lauer’s life that keep popping up now weeks after he was fired, people seem to only care about one thing: the status of his marriage. It seems as though just about everyone is waiting for Lauer’s wife, Annette Roque, to file for divorce. While there have been plenty of reports that she’s getting her ducks in a row, she has yet to pull the trigger on her marriage.

“Take him for EVERY penny Annette Roque and we’ll see how attractive that bald perv is when he’s broke,” wrote one Twitter user after a report surfaced that Roque started the divorce process.

Ever since the sexual misconduct allegations against Lauer went public, thousands of people have been posting their opinions of him. As you can probably imagine, the majority of these comments haven’t been very nice. And while Lauer’s career is pretty much over at this point, people still seem to want to see him “get what he deserves.” Many people feel that Lauer’s career should remain in the trash bin, despite rumors that he thinks he can start anew. As you can see from the comments above, people are very much “Team Roque” and hope that Lauer’s estranged wife makes the “right” choice and leaves him.