Donald Trump Travels To Davos With ‘Work Wife’ Hope Hicks While Melania Heads To Mar-a-Lago

Hope Hicks, White House Director of Communications is one of the women in the Trump administration referred to by Michael Wolff and the NYT as one of Trump’s “Work Wives.” But now, Hope Hicks, 29, is the Trump “Work Wife” in the center of controversy as she is on the Trump trip to Davos, Switzerland supporting Trump as First Lady Melania Trump has opted out, staying in the United States and laying low at Mar-a-Lago.

Media Sources Are Comparing Hope Hicks’ Fashion Sense To That Of Melania Trump

Hollywood Life mentioned that Hope Hicks was seen in Switzerland with Donald Trump wearing thigh-high suede boots and a navy mini skirt, looking fashionable next to a sea of men in dark suits. But HL says that it was Hope Hicks’ style which had people comparing her to Melania Trump.

“Her wardrobe has people pitting her against First Lady Melania Trump, though we feel that’s unfair to both women. It seems unlikely that Hope’s trying to upstage Melania; she just has great taste in clothing! Melania’s not in Davos with her husband right now — she elected to stay in the US and hang out in Florida — and we’re pretty bummed that we couldn’t see her surely beautiful outfits for this trip.”

Hope Hicks was seen wearing the thigh-high boots in the front row as Donald Trump spoke to the Davos meeting.

The NYT described Donald Trump’s “Work Wives” as women he hires for vaguely defined roles to support him, and that Hope Hicks, Kellyanne Conway, and Ivanka Trump are the top tier “Work Wives.” In his book Fire and Fury, Michael Wolff says that women are more trustworthy than men, and so he prefers to have them as confidantes in his inner circle.

Michael Wolff Says That Hope Hicks Is One Of Trump’s ‘Work Wives’

Michael Wolff says that Trump needs special handling and coddling from the hands of a woman.

“Women, he explained to one friend with something like self-awareness, generally got this more precisely than men. In particular, women who self-selected themselves as tolerant of or oblivious to or amused by or steeled against his casual misogyny and constant sexual subtext — which was somehow, incongruously and often jarringly, matched with paternal regard — got this.”

Wolff explains that the Trump “Work Wives” like Hicks give advice while stroking Trump’s ego. Hicks’ presence is said to help calm and disarm Donald Trump.

“They offer a feminine salve, simultaneously sanctioning Mr. Trump’s sexist commentary and buttressing his ego by situating themselves as little girls in need of direction from Big Daddy (literally, in Ivanka’s case).”

Melania Trump Has Opted Out Of Being Donald Trump’s Plus One In Davos

But Hope Hicks’ work wife status, combined with her fashionable dress a la Melania Trump and Melania’s absence in Davos, is creating a lot of media buzz, says The Daily Beast. First Lady Melania Trump has been quiet since news broke that Donald Trump allegedly had a relationship with an adult film actress at the time of Barron Trump’s birth. Add that together with the rumor in the Wolff book that Donald Trump is currently having an affair with someone in his administration (gamblers have mentioned Hope Hicks and Nikki Haley, who vehemently denies the rumor), and Melania Trump opted out of the Davos trip.

Melania Trump had initially said she was staying behind in Washington, but then made an unscheduled trip to Mar-a-Lago. Requests for First Lady Melania Trump’s schedule have been declined.

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