Trump Booed: Right-Wing Says No But Video Shows Trump Getting Laughs, Boos For ‘Nasty, Mean, Fake’ Press Quote

President Donald Trump has been booed during an interview in Davos, Switzerland. However, some conservatives are claiming Trump wasn’t booed and that the boos were for the media. Either way, people are fascinated with whether Trump was booed and laughed at in Switzerland by foreign journalists. As reported by Google Trends, searches for “Trump boos” have grown 200 percent in the past hour, with terms like “Trump booed” and “Donald Trump booed” growing 300 percent in the past hour. “Trump booed” has also been reported as a “breakout” search term by the search engine giant over the past four hours during the morning of Friday, January 26.

The booing of Trump has caused controversy online, with the below and above videos from the World Economic Forum displaying the president’s thoughts about the U.S. and the media. According to the Independent, Trump called the press a “nasty, mean and fake” entity and accused the media personnel in the room of shutting off their broadcast cameras in the back of the room. However, not all — if any — broadcast cameras were turned off because plenty of news outlets caught the exchange on video.

“It wasn’t until I became a politician, that I realized how nasty, how mean, how vicious and how fake the press can be.”

Trump Booed: Right-Wing Says No, Video Shows Trump Getting Laughs, Boos For 'Nasty, Mean And Fake' Media Quote

Trump received both boos and laughter from the crowd as the president pointed to the press and said, “[A]s the cameras start going off in the back.”

Plenty of journalists with verified Twitter accounts, like those below, reported that foreign journalists in the room booed Trump and laughed during his comments about fake news and the “nasty, mean” press. Meanwhile, conservatives such as Laura Ingraham are claiming that Trump wasn’t booed and that the crowd was “mesmerized” by Trump instead.

According to Vice, Trump also railed against the New York Times and called the report about him wanting to fire special counsel Robert Mueller another “typical” fake story from the publication. It was a report that Sean Hannity of Fox News had to roll back on, as seen in the below viral video, with Hannity first claiming that his sources didn’t confirm that Trump wanted to fire Mueller. Sean later had to come back on the air and claim that sources confirmed Trump wanted to fire Mueller.

Meanwhile, some Trump supporters writing about Trump being booed on Twitter are creating storylines that claim folks in the room were booing the media.

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