Peter Kraus Explains The Reason He Isn’t On ‘The Bachelor Winter Games’

Peter Kraus won’t be on the show The Bachelor Winter Games and now he is explaining why he made that choice. Us Weekly shared what Peter had to say about choosing not to be on the show. It turns out that it wasn’t a great fit for him.

It turns out that Peter doesn’t want to be involved with reality television right now. Instead, he is moving on to other things. Joining another show would just put him back into that world again. Peter shared that he is in a great place right now and that this just doesn’t fit into his life. It sounds like things are going well for him and there is no reason to mess that up.

Peter Kraus also shared that he is terrible on ice, despite living in a cold area. Since The Bachelor Winter Games is all about playing games in the cold, Peter probably won’t fare well. There is one thing that Peter mentioned in this interview, though. He makes it sound like he turned it down, but then he later mentions that he isn’t on the show because they didn’t choose him or ask him to do it. Seeing that a large portion of the show has people from other countries, there were not a lot of spots for men. ABC didn’t pick Peter for The Bachelor or for The Bachelor Winter Games.

Another thing that Peter talked about is the fact that he is happy that it isn’t him cast as The Bachelor this season. Instead, he is just enjoying life and not being in the spotlight. He shared that it wouldn’t have been easy to find someone to take over his business for him again. The thing is, Peter Kraus is open to being on reality TV again if the right opportunity comes along. You just never know what he will end up doing.

Don’t miss watching The Bachelor Winter Games when it starts airing on ABC in February. The premiere will air on February 13. You won’t be seeing Peter, but a lot of fan favorites will be back again to fight for love.