Disney Star Adam Hicks Arrested For Armed Robbery After Swat Team Raids His Home [Breaking News]

Troubled Disney star Adam Hicks, who starred in the Disney shows Lemonade Mouth, Zeke and Luther, and Pair of Kings, has been arrested following a SWAT team raid at his San Fernando Valley home. A car belonging to Adam Hicks, 25, was spotted and identified at the scene of several armed robberies, and the license plate was linked to Hicks.

Disney Star Adam Hicks Was Arrested Twice In 2017

TMZ broke the story that Disney star Adam Hicks has had arrests in the past, but none were as serious as the current charges.

“Our sources say 25-year-old Hicks and his girlfriend would go up to people walking in the San Fernando Valley area, stick a gun in their face and demand money, cellphones and other items.”

TMZ says that the victims were older people out walking in the early morning hours when Hicks and his girlfriend would approach them, threatening them with a gun, demanding their belongings. SWAT was sent to the home where Hicks was staying and arrested Adam Hicks and his girlfriend, Danni Tamburo.

Disney star Adam Hicks was arrested twice in 2017, and one charge involved a firearm. Back in July, Adam Hicks was arrested for firing a gun in public, and in September, Hicks was arrested for battery.

The LAPD Believes Disney Star Hicks Is The Gunman and Girlfriend Drove Getaway Car

The LA Times says that most recently, Disney star Adam Hicks, alleged to be the gunman, has made an appearance in the HULU series, Freakish, and girlfriend Danni Tamburo, who has some minor credits on IMDB, was serving as the getaway driver.

LAPD Sgt. Derek Green said that Disney star Adam Hicks and Danni Tamburo started their alleged crime spree at around five in the morning, demanding the wallet of a man. The getaway car was a green KIA, which was traced to Tamburo’s mother, who told the police that the car could be located in a nearby apartment complex.

Inside the vehicle, Sgt. Green said they found stolen property.

“They basically dumped the car and tossed some of the property in the area. Literally tossing it.”

After interviewing Tamburo’s mother, police got a warrant and a SWAT team and headed to the home where Disney star Adam Hicks and girlfriend Danni Tamburo were living. Both Adam Hicks and Tamburo were arrested at the scene.

“Two guns and more stolen property were found.”

Adam Hicks And Danni Tamburo Have Both Been Charged With Armed Robbery

Both Disney star Adam Hicks and Danni Tamburo were charged with armed robbery, and each is being held on $350k bail. Both Hicks and Tamburo are expected in a Los Angeles court tomorrow.

Reps for Adam Hicks and Disney were not available for comment.

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