‘RHONY’ Luann De Lesseps Is Trying To Cut A Plea Deal In Drunken Hotel Rant Case

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A court hearing for RHONY Luann De Lesseps in reference to her drunken felony assault on a police officer on Christmas Eve has been canceled for today or possibly postponed. Sources say that it’s likely that lawyers for Luann De Lesseps are trying to strike a plea deal to put this whole drunken event behind her to move on from what is perhaps the worst year of her life. A former countess, De Lesseps just emerged from rehab to seek help after a rough night of drinking her troubles away on the eve of what would have been her first wedding anniversary with Tom D’Agostino.

RHONY Luann De Lesseps Returned From Rehab To Face A Court Hearing

RHONY Luann De Lesseps headed to rehab after her arrest amidst family pressure. Luann’s first ex-husband, Count Alexandre De Lesseps and sources for Tom D’Agostino suggested that Luann De Lesseps was embarrassing herself and her family.

A friend of Tom D’Agostino said that nobody was surprised by Luann’s arrest.

“Tom left her for this reason because she was so violent. She used to punch, kick and scratch him. And in public. It doesn’t surprise me, especially when she drinks. And boy does she like to drink. She clearly has a problem.”

Count De Lesseps said that he wishes that Luann would drop the “De Lesseps” as she is ruining his family name.

“He told her she is ruining the family name and should drop it if she’s continuing to act like this… He is watching from abroad and is totally embarrassed.”

Luann De Lesseps’ Hearing Was Canceled As Lawyers Are Said To Be Working On A Plea Deal

PageSix has confirmed that the court hearing for RHONY Luann De Lesseps for today was canceled. Sources familiar with the court system say that this is a familiar move indicating that there is a deal to be made. The former Countess Luann is accused of kicking a police officer and screaming “I’m going to kill you all” while being dragged out of a hotel room that belonged to someone else.

RHONY Luann De Lesseps just returned home from a quickie rehab to face the consequences of her arrest to her New York home and seemed relieved to have that behind her.

“It’s good to be home.”

Sources close to the case have said they expect that RHONY Luann De Lesseps’ case will follow a similar path to that of Tiger Woods and his drunk driving arrest, also in Florida. After Woods was arrested for driving while impaired, he quickly went to rehab and then struck a plea deal, serving no time behind bars.

It’s Unclear Right Now What Total Charges Luann De Lesseps Will Be Facing

But then again, Tiger Woods didn’t assault law enforcement during his arrest. Newsday is confirming that for RHONY Luann De Lesseps, several charges are still on the table including a felony and misdemeanors. While a court source says that Luann De Lesseps might face additional charges including one for “corruption by threat,” at this time her charges combine a felony and misdemeanors.

“[Luann De Lesseps is] formally charged with resisting an officer with violence, a felony, and for trespassing on an occupied structure and disorderly intoxication, both misdemeanors.”