Couple’s Zip Code Is Also Their Wedding Date

A Massachusetts couple picked January 9, 2013 as their wedding date for a very specific reason: It matches their zip code.

Cheryl Bennett and Steven DeLong said selecting the date made perfect sense because both had lived in for several long years. To celebrate the place they call home and their forthcoming trip down the aisle, the couple decided to get married on 01-09-13.

Bennett explained to CHHI News Service:

“What better place and time to do it. People just pick dates all the time, so to have a date with such significance is really special.”

The couple, who have been married before, said they intend to have a very small wedding with just a few family members, a couple of friends, and their children from previous relationships.

The Associated Press reports that Cheryl knew Steven Delong was the man for her when she discovered that his birthday was November 22. Bennett explains that 22 is one of her favorite double digit numbers. In other words, the bride-to-be has a thing for numerals.

Bennet told CNHI:

“It’s not the way I planned for life to turn out but that’s the way it did, and it’s good. Nothing was rushed, and the (wedding) date means so much because everything finally fell into place.”

According to The Knot, picking the perfect date for your wedding is essential to making the event memorable. Although the website encourages couples to-be to choose the date that makes them the happiest, there are a few days you might want to consider avoiding.

The wedding site explains:

“There are definitely wedding dates to avoid. The weekend before tax day is not the best time to tie the knot — especially if one of you is an accountant or tax attorney! No matter what your career, you probably have your own crunch time at work, so don’t marry then. You’ll either be stressed or you won’t be allowed to take off for your honeymoon. Also, your religion may dictate some times of year, or even days of the week, that are off-limits.”

What do you think about the couple who chose their wedding date based on their zip code?

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