WWE News: Triple H Confirms Vince McMahon Will Listen To Offers For WWE, Huge Announcement Coming Today

Triple H was probably of the belief that WWE might end up being his company one day, but it seems as if Vince McMahon is already listening to offers to sell it. It was recently rumored that Vinnie Mac had listened to what Fox had to say about airing WWE programming or even buying the company as a whole. Now, Triple H has said that his father-in-law will listen to offers and even has a huge announcement to make on Thursday afternoon.

It is no secret news that WWE’s television deal with NBCUniversal runs out in 2019 and that means WWE wrestling programming could end up leaving the USA Network. There is still the possibility that they could agree on a new deal, but Fox, Amazon, Facebook, and others are already interested in partnering with WWE.

Of course, this news has started numerous rumors that WWE could end up being completely sold by the McMahon family, as reported by Sportskeeda. Well, it appears as if any Vince is not only keen on the idea of selling the company, but it has been confirmed that he’s listening to any and all offers.

Cageside Seats reported that a possible sale of WWE to Fox is a huge rumor gaining a lot of steam right now, and Variety even picked up on the news. With Fox and UFC not being able to agree, the network really would like to bring in another very popular business venture, and that would be WWE.

While most of this has been a lot of speculation and not entirely confirmed except for a small comment here and there, it seems there is finally some validity to it all.

WWE is preparing for the Royal Rumble and NXT Takeover: Philadelphia this weekend, and that led to Triple H doing his usual pre-big event conference call. During the call, Triple H asked if WWE were open for business as far as possible sale talks go, and his answer was quite interesting.

Wrestling-News.net reported that Trips confirmed Vince McMahon is happy with where WWE currently stands. Still, they are willing to discuss any and all ideas or offers that may come their way, even if those ideas don’t work out.

Even though it likely won’t be about the company being sold, that leads into WWE’s big reveal on Twitter on Thursday morning.

This is expected to be Vince McMahon announcing the return of the XFL which had its first and only season back in 2001. Forbes is reporting that the new football league is expected to launch in 2020, and that will end up taking a lot of Vinnie Mac’s time and attention.

The idea of selling WWE does not mean that Vince McMahon is ready to get out of the wrestling business, but he is getting older and will now have the XFL to focus on. There is more than enough faith in Stephanie McMahon and Triple H’s ability to run the company but selling it to Fox or any other suitor could simply be what is best for business. As of now, WWE is still in possession of the McMahon family, but Trips has confirmed that any offers will, at least, be entertained.

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