WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Is Bringing Back The XFL

It may be seen as one of the greatest failures in Vince McMahon‘s history and it has been nearly two decades since it was around, but the XFL may soon make a comeback. Rumors are flying around that the chairman of WWE is looking to get back into the world of professional football and find a way to compete with the NFL. Believe it or not, the personalized jerseys and wild celebrations may be back before you even realize it.

Back at a time when the NFL was being referred to as the “No Fun League,” Vince McMahon took it upon himself to make football enjoyable again. He created the XFL which had eight teams, some over-the-top antics, and lasted exactly one season.

The XFL had its single season in 2001 which saw the Los Angeles Xtreme take the inaugural and only championship. The games were broadcast on NBC and the league saw a mixture of professional football and the then-WWF to give fans an alternative that was more fun and crossed the line.

Unfortunately, it really didn’t ever catch on and the XFL folded after one season which Vince McMahon himself called a “colossal failure.” Well, time appears to heal all wounds and Vinnie Mac believes there is still life in his version of professional football

According to Sportskeeda, the rumors of the XFL’s return aren’t only whispers but they appear to be strong enough for an announcement to come next month.

While it may seem like a huge risk for Vince McMahon to bring back the XFL, he’s not planning on making all of the same mistakes twice. He will not jeopardize the standing of WWE or have it affected in any single way if the XFL tanks again.

That is why he’s taking precautions and going a different route with the creation/return of the XFL.

With this news, it is obvious that while WWE has not confirmed that the XFL is returning, they obviously aren’t denying it either. David Bixenspan of Deadspin went on to say that the comment from WWE was in response to a question whether the company can “confirm or deny” rumors of the XFL relaunch.

Even with WWE making a comment that didn’t necessarily deny rumors of the return of the XFL, they aren’t confirming anything either. Until that time, this can only be taken as speculation, but it appears as if something may end up being made official soon. Vince McMahon obviously believes the NFL needs competition and that he has the ability to provide it, but there will have to be serious changes from the first version.

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