Two Women Reportedly Set Five-Year-Old On Fire In Black Magic Ritual

The girl’s mother gave the go-ahead, purportedly believed her daughter had a demon that was making her misbehave.

Two women are facing a slew of charges after allegedly setting a five-year-old girl on fire while performing a voodoo ritual.

According to IB Times, Rachel Hilaire and Peggy LaBossiere, 40 and 51 years-old respectively, had reportedly tried to exorcise the young girl of a demon that was making her misbehave.

The women from Massachusetts left the girl with a third-degree burn that doctors say will leave her permanently disfigured.

Rachel Hilaire and Peggy LaBossiere who are believed to be sisters also allegedly threatened to decapitate the victim’s eight-year-old brother. The boy had purportedly told police that it was not the first time that the women had subjected his sister to the black magic ritual.

According to him, they had done it two times prior and in the process cut his sister in the arm and collarbone drawing blood. The eight-year-old boy added that the two women also rubbed an unknown substance into her eyes causing them to sting.

The Mirror is reporting that the ritual purportedly had the blessing of the girl’s mother, a hair stylist who had got to know the two women over the course of her work.

The mother purportedly told investigators that the ritual became a necessity after she spotted a large burn across her daughter’s face—a sign that a demon was occupying her body.

The mother, who has not been named, is presently undergoing a mental health check. At the time of this report, she had not been charged for the incident. Rachel Hilaire and Peggy LaBossiere have pleaded not guilty to the charges arraigned against them.

Both women absolved themselves of wrongdoing, arguing that they had performed “cleansing baths” for family and close friends in the past with no hassles attached.

The women revealed that the purging process revolved around incantations and rubbing sea salt, frankincense and eucalyptus oils on bodies. According to them, some people ended up getting burnt as the bad spirits left their bodies.

The young girl is receiving medical treatment for her severe burns. The five-year-old and her brother are presently in the custody of state welfare officials.

Rachel Hilaire and Peggy LaBossiere are expected in court February 7.

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