Jill Duggar’s Post Praising Derick Dillard Over Chocolate Milk Sparks Criticism, Pregnancy Speculation

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Some fans think that Jill Duggar is indulging a pregnancy craving in a new photo, but others believe that she is trying and failing to make her husband, Derick Dillard, look good. A simple Instagram post about a grocery trip is all that it took to spark speculation that Jill is pregnant and ignite a debate over what it means to be a good husband.

Many women get excited when their husbands surprise them with expensive chocolates in fancy boxes, but all it took to impress Jill Duggar was a 28-ounce bottle of chocolate milk. On Wednesday, the former Counting On star took to Instagram to lavish Derick Dillard with praise for purchasing the dairy product during a recent trip to the grocery store. She even posed for a photo with her drinkable present, making sure to take a close-up shot so that her nose piercing is visible.

“@derickdillard #besthubbyintheworld went grocery shopping for us last night and came home and surprised me with my favorite #chocolatemilk #promiselanddairy Thanks babe! Love you tons!!!” Jill captioned the social media snapshot.

Some fans see Jill Duggar’s post as possible proof that she’s pregnant with her third child. They think that Derick Dillard decided to surprise her with the chocolate milk to indulge a pregnancy craving for the beverage.

“Pregnant with baby #3? Cravings?” wrote one of Jill’s Instagram followers.

A few Duggar fans also remarked that they enjoy the sweet drink when they’re expecting.

As reported by the Hollywood Gossip, rumors that Jill Duggar is pregnant with her third child began circulating last November. The speculation started when some excited fans saw what they thought was a baby bump in a Facebook video of Jill teaching her 12-year-old sister, Johannah, how to cook. However, the video was filmed just four months after Jill gave birth to baby Samuel, so others argued that what the bump spotters were actually seeing was the mother of two’s postpartum belly. Still, there’s a possibility that Jill’s latest Instagram post is meant to serve as a hint that her third bun is in the oven as she has previously revealed that she craves chocolate milk when she’s pregnant.

“My hubby is the best! Brings me #chocolatemilk @derickdillard thanks honey!!! anybody else a chocolate milk lover?” she wrote on Instagram last July.

Jill Duggar was pregnant with Samuel at the time, and her baby bump is visible in the photo below. She gave birth to her baby boy just a few days after it was taken.

The Duggar daughter’s more recent post about chocolate milk sparked a contentious debate over the ethics of cow’s milk and whether it’s safe for nursing mothers to drink it, but this isn’t the only topic of discussion that made Jill’s followers argumentative. They also disagreed over whether Derick is deserving of praise for simply grabbing a bottle of chocolate milk during a grocery run.

“If that’s all it takes to be a perfect husband, standards are not high over there,” wrote one critic.

Some Duggar fans even said that the chocolate milk post made them pity Jill.

“Is that not a normal occurrence??? My husband buys me my favorite treats at the store all the time and I do the same for him,” wrote one commenter. “Seems like he does very little for you. I feel bad for you.”

“I just feel bad that Jill is trying to make her husband look like a hero with all the ordinary mundane things he does for her. He’s a rotten person and she’s trying to get others to see he isn’t.”

However, others saw no point in crying foul over a social media post celebrating milk, and they agreed with Jill Duggar that it was sweet of her husband to treat her.

“Having been married for 30 years, those little things is what matters in the long run,” wrote one of her supporters. “The sweet little ‘nothings’ are huge.”