Memphis Woman Accused Of Intentionally Running Over 16-Year-Old Brother

A woman in Memphis, Tennessee is facing criminal charges after being accused of intentionally running over her 16-year-old brother. According to WBRC, a security guard, who was directing traffic at St. Mary’s School Monday night stated that he heard an argument coming from inside of a vehicle and later hearing someone shout, “get out of my car.”

The security guard went on to say that a woman, later identified as Shantel Virginia, 20, and her brother—whose name has not been released—was seen arguing on the grass in front of St. Mary’s School.

At this time, it is unknown what Virginia and her brother were arguing about.

When the guard separated the pair, he stated that Virginia purportedly went back to her car, got in, pressed on the accelerator, and ran her brother over as he was walking near the busy intersection, throwing him at least 10 feet into the air.

Witnesses say the impact was so hard that his shoes came off.

Asia Meador stated that she has not been able to sleep after watching the teen being hit by a car. She added that as she was headed to a meeting, she recalls the terrifying sound the teen’s body made when he was struck.

Meador believes that it was intentional because Virginia sped up to strike her brother. She went on to say that she doesn’t think she will “ever or at least anytime soon forget the imagery and the sound his body made when the car hit him.”

Fox 19 reported that several drivers pulled their vehicle over to help the teen who reportedly suffered a leg and shoulder injury after he was hit by his sister’s vehicle. Witnesses say as the teen lay injured on the ground, he was able to “faintly speak,” revealing the identity of the person who hit him.

When emergency medical services arrived at the scene, he was transported to an area hospital where he was listed in critical condition.

Virginia was arrested and booked into the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office on charges of domestic aggravated assault.

This is not Virginia’s first run-in with the law. It was reported that in 2016, she allegedly scratched, hit, and bit the father of her child. Later that year, she faced simple assault charges after a physical altercation with two females.

Meador is hoping that justice will be served.

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