Stormy Daniels’ New ‘Inside Edition’ Video – Was Asked ‘Did You Have A Sexual Relationship With Donald Trump?’

Charley GallayGetty Images

Adult film star Stormy Daniels is finally speaking out after being at the center of plenty of controversies. Stormy’s alleged relationship with Donald Trump in 2006, one year after he married Melania Trump, is being blamed as the potential reason why Melania pulled out of her planned trip with her husband to Switzerland, although Melania’s spokesperson blamed scheduling conflicts, as reported by the Inquisitr. The fact that Melania and Donald seemingly didn’t publicly celebrate their thirteenth wedding anniversary is also being connected to “stormy weather” in the marriage, therefore Daniels’ own words about her alleged sexual relationship with Trump should be of great interest, when the below Inside Edition interview with Stormy is aired in full on Thursday, January 25.

“Did you have a sexual relationship with Donald Trump?”

As seen in the below video, Stormy was directly asked about her alleged sexual encounters with Trump, which came to light when Daniels’ 2011 interview was made public. Stormy is a 38-year-old woman whose real name is Stephanie Clifford – a mom with a 6-year-old daughter. Stormy spoke about how the controversy over her Trump interview has indeed made her a famous figure, although no one ever looked twice at her before, she claims.