Eden Sassoon Still Slamming ‘RHOBH’ And Hints Dorit Kemsley Has A Drinking Problem

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Eden Sassoon left The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last year after filming just one season of the show. Eden revealed that she was a recovering alcoholic but she didn’t get much sympathy from her co-stars. Of course, alcohol has played a huge part of the show for years, as Kim Richards’ problem with alcohol was exposed on the very first season of the show. But Eden probably didn’t expect to be yelling at her co-stars and flipping out on Lisa Rinna while filming. Even though Sassoon left the show because she didn’t want the stress in her life, she is still watching the show. Eden keeps saying that she wants nothing to do with the show and the materialistic women, she is still tuning in for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and tweeting about it.

According to a new tweet, Eden Sassoon is now sharing her thoughts about the new women on the show and she seems to think that Dorit Kemsley may have a drinking problem. As it turns out, Eden believes that Dorit should slow down on the drinking as it isn’t good for her. In addition, Eden reveals that she thinks the ladies are too materialistic and she doesn’t understand why the ladies and Bravo keep spending so much money on things.

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“Nice to see Dorit is still drinking more than she should. I said it! #rhobh Oh and Kyle get a grip, she drinks [too] much!” read one of the tweets that Eden Sassoon shared on Twitter while adding later, “Thank you… I’m just having a moment / it’s truly shocking this is what #bravo spends $ on. Mindless nonsense.”

Sassoon also made a comment about Erika Girardi’s spending, revealing that she thought it was completely outrageous that Erika was spending her money. It’s clear that Eden has plenty of opinions about her former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars. It is odd that someone is spending so much time slamming her former friends for a show that she chose to film herself last year. In addition, some people believe that she’s jealous that she was not on this season of the show, as she seemingly can’t let go. Eden stands firm in her claims that she wants to stay far away from the franchise.

Eden Sassoon only filmed one season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills before leaving the show behind. It’s possible that she will never return to the show, as her comments on social media could be burning every bridge with her former co-stars.