The Biggest Clues That ‘The Flash’s Mystery Girl Is Probably Dawn Allen

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Warning: Possible spoilers ahead!

An oddly chipper waitress had a one-on-one moment with Barry Allen shortly before he wed Iris West earlier this season on The Flash. The unnamed woman offered Barry some sparkling water before the ceremony started. It was an obvious excuse to speak to him because when Barry politely declined a drink, the woman transitioned into excited babbling which people couldn’t help but notice mirrored Barry’s personality during The Flash’s earlier seasons.

Coupled with the fact that she seemed highly invested in Barry and Iris’ wedding going off without a hitch, (by reminding Barry to say “I do”) the fandom started to speculate over her identity, with the most obvious guess being that she was Dawn Allen, Barry and Iris’ speedster daughter who had traveled from the future for one reason or another.

Tuesday’s episode, “The Elongated Knight Rises,” saw her return during the closing scene at Jitters with Cisco Ramon and Ralph Dibny. That interaction has more convinced than ever that this mystery girl could be Dawn. Here’s why.

“Allen Always Pays”

The mystery girl picked up the tab for Cisco Ramon and Ralph’s drinks at Jitters after both men forgot their wallets. While she could have just been being a good Samaritan, the fact that she stepped forward after Ralph said “Allen (referring to Barry) always pays” raised some eyebrows. Could the writers be hinting that this woman is an Allen?

She’s The Perfect Mix Of Barry and Iris

It goes without saying that Barry and Iris’ offspring would be biracial. The mystery girl, played by Jessica Parker Kennedy (who is African, Italian, and Canadian), obviously is. That detail aside, the mystery woman looks like a perfect mix of them both. She has Iris’s beauty and Barry’s green eyes.

What’s even more interesting than her physical appearance is that she embodies a perfect blend of Barry and Iris’ personalities. The mystery girl has Iris’ warm/loving nature and Barry’s intelligence and awkwardness. While trying and failing to play it cool while speaking with Cisco and Ralph, she started geeking out hard, spewing science jargon that only herself and Cisco understood. She also seemed to be wearing the kind of classic T-shirts that Cisco’s character has become synonymous with, suggesting that she’s spent a substantial amount of time around him.

The Mystery Girl Seems Like An Ally

Whoever this girl turns out to be, it’s clear, so far, that she’s not an enemy (unless she’s just perfected her poker face). She’s obviously been monitoring the team, but unlike Devoe and Marlize, whatever she’s looking for seems to be to help them, or herself. And though she doesn’t seem distraught that Barry is in jail, it could be that it’s because she’s plotting a plan to help prove his innocence. Or, she may be allowing this piece of history to play out because she’s focused on something bigger, possibly preventing a catastrophe in the future.

Iris West May Be Pregnant

There’s a popular theory floating around that Barry and Iris’ descendants wouldn’t be able to travel back to a time before they were conceived. So if this mystery girl is in the present, Iris must be already pregnant with Barry’s child. There have been several clues hinting at this possibility since the start of the season.

When Barry was fresh out of the speed force prison, one of the odd phrases he babbled was “we’re gonna need more diapers,” according to Screenrant. That could have been referring to the fact that, later on, they find out that Iris is pregnant with twins (Dawn and Don) instead of just one baby. Caitlin Snow also corrected Felicity Smoak when she mislabeled Iris as “glowing,” because”blushing” was used for brides and “glowing” was used for pregnant women. Iris waved off the glowing comment, claiming that she didn’t think she could handle being pregnant yet.

Then, in last week’s “The Trial of The Flash,” Barry was somehow able to extend his connection to the speedforce to Iris so that she could move as fast as he was in the middle of the courtroom. It’s been proposed that she was only able to tap into the speedforce because she was pregnant with speedster babies.

She Was Writing In The Speedforce Language

Barry Allen wasn’t in his right mind when he escaped from the speed force prison at the start of the season. He didn’t remember who he was, and he was speaking disjointedly in phrases that the team has yet to put together. He was also writing in a weird language, which is most likely connected to the speed force. When the camera panned away, the woman was writing those same symbols in her notebook — the strongest clue that she’s somehow connected to Barry and Iris.

Dawn isn’t the only possible candidate, of course. There are some fans who believe that this mystery woman could be Jenni Ognats (their granddaughter) or even a gender-bent version of Bart Allen/Impulse (their grandson).

If this girl is actually Dawn (or any of their speedster descendants), then that actually raises more questions than not. Why is she in the present? Did something awful occur in the future? Will her presence affect that timeline? Oh, and if she is, in fact, Dawn, where’s her brother, Don?

The Flash is currently on Episode 11 out of 23 –halfway complete — so these are questions which may not get any concrete answers for some time yet.

The Flash airs Tuesdays on the CW at 8/7 c.